How to Defeat Daelin Proudmoore Boss in Hearthstone Solo Adventure

Key takeaways:

  • Daelin Proudmoore is a challenging boss in Rexxar’s Book of Heroes solo adventure
  • The boss uses a powerful Kul Tiran-themed Shaman deck with cards like Kul Tiran Footman and Eye of the Storm
  • Players are given a Secret Hunter deck with cards like Power of the Horde and Huntmaster’s Bow
  • Mulligan for non-Secret cards like Eaglehorn Bow, Deadly Shot, and Hyena Alpha
  • Prepare to counter the boss’s turn 4 Kul Tiran Warship by having Deadly Shot or a source of at least 2 damage

Daelin Proudmoore, the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras and father of Jaina Proudmoore, is the seventh boss in the Rexxar chapter of Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes solo adventure. This encounter can be particularly challenging due to the boss’s powerful Kul Tiran-themed Shaman deck and the unique mechanics of the fight.

Understanding the Encounter

In this encounter, Daelin Proudmoore uses a Shaman deck featuring strong Kul Tiran cards such as Kul Tiran Footman, Kul Tiran Chaplain, and Eye of the Storm. Additionally, the boss has access to the Launch Warship Hero Power, which summons Kul Tiran Warships to the battlefield.

Players are provided with a Secret Hunter deck for this fight, which includes powerful cards like Power of the Horde, Cairne Bloodhoof, and Huntmaster’s Bow. The player’s Hero Power is Axe Toss, which can be used to control the board.

Mulligan Strategies

When selecting your opening hand, prioritize non-Secret cards that can help you establish early board control. Look for cards like:

  • Eaglehorn Bow
  • Deadly Shot
  • Hyena Alpha

These cards will help you contest the board and deal with early threats from the boss.

Gameplay Strategies

Early Game

In the early stages of the game, focus on controlling the board and preparing for the boss’s turn 4 play. Daelin Proudmoore will often use the Launch Warship Hero Power on turn 4, summoning a powerful Kul Tiran Warship.

To counter this, ensure that you have either a Deadly Shot or a source of at least 2 damage that can be combined with your Axe Toss Hero Power. This can include cards like Masked Contender or an equipped Eaglehorn Bow.

If you fail to deal with the first Kul Tiran Warship, the boss can quickly snowball the game in their favor due to the tempo advantage gained from the Warship.

Mid Game

If you successfully navigate the early game and deal with the first Kul Tiran Warship, you should have a significant tempo lead. Use this advantage to continue controlling the board with your Hero Power and spells while developing your own minions.

It’s crucial to maintain pressure during this stage, as the boss can still outvalue you in the late game with powerful cards like Eye of the Storm and Walking Fountain.

Late Game

In the late game, your primary focus should be on closing out the game as quickly as possible. Continue to use your resources efficiently to maintain board control and push for lethal damage.

Be mindful of the boss’s potential to stabilize with cards like Eye of the Storm, which can clear your board and provide a significant tempo swing in their favor.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t be afraid to use your Hero Power to control the board, even if it means sacrificing some face damage.
  • Save your Deadly Shot for high-priority targets like Kul Tiran Warship or buffed minions.
  • If you have a Secret in play, consider holding back on playing minions to avoid triggering it prematurely.
  • Use your Secrets strategically to disrupt the boss’s game plan and gain tempo advantages.


What happens if I can’t deal with the first Kul Tiran Warship?

If you fail to remove the first Kul Tiran Warship, the boss can quickly snowball the game in their favor. This is because the Warship provides a significant tempo advantage that can be difficult to overcome. In this situation, try to regain board control as quickly as possible and look for opportunities to swing the game back in your favor.

Should I always mulligan for Deadly Shot?

While Deadly Shot is a powerful tool for dealing with the boss’s Kul Tiran Warship, it’s not always necessary to hard mulligan for it. If you have other strong early game cards like Eaglehorn Bow or Hyena Alpha, you can keep those and look for other ways to deal with the Warship, such as using your Hero Power in combination with other damage sources.

How important is it to play around the boss’s Secrets?

The boss’s deck does include some Secrets, but playing around them is not as crucial as in other matchups. Focus on maintaining tempo and board control, and don’t let the possibility of triggering a Secret deter you from making optimal plays.

What should I do if the boss plays Eye of the Storm?

Eye of the Storm can be a game-changing play from the boss, as it clears your board and provides them with a significant tempo advantage. If the boss plays Eye of the Storm, try to rebuild your board as quickly as possible and look for opportunities to regain control of the game. Consider saving resources like Deadly Shot or Power of the Horde for after the Eye of the Storm turn to help you stabilize.