How to Change Default Language in Google Play Store App

The Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices, offering millions of apps, games, books, movies and more. It automatically sets the language based on your device’s system language by default. However, you may want to change the default language in the Google Play Store app for various reasons.

Why Change the Language

Here are some common reasons for changing the language in the Play Store app:

  • Read app descriptions, reviews etc. in a different language: You may want to read the descriptions and reviews of certain apps in a language you understand better.
  • Access apps/content not available in your country: Some apps or content may not be available in your country but could be available in the Play Store of another country. Changing the language allows you to access those.
  • Use multiple languages: If you speak multiple languages, having the ability to switch between them easily can be useful.
  • Fix issues: Sometimes changing the language and changing it back can help fix some issues you may experience with the app.

How to Change Play Store Language

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to change only the Play Store’s language. Since it inherits the system language by default, you have to change your device’s default language to change the Play Store’s language.

Here are the steps to change your device’s language on Android:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to System > Languages & input > Languages
  3. Tap Add a language and select the language you want to add
  4. Drag the newly added language to the top of the list to make it the default system language

The Google Play Store app will now display in the language you selected.

Note: Sometimes the language change doesn’t reflect immediately in the Play Store. Try force closing the Play Store app and clearing its cache/data before re-opening it.

Change Language Back

To revert back to your original system language, simply repeat the steps above but drag your original language back to the top of the list in Languages settings.


  • Try force closing and clearing cache/data of Play Store app if language change doesn’t reflect.
  • You can add multiple languages and easily switch between them from Languages settings later.
  • Changes only the device’s UI language including Play Store. Apps may have separate language settings.

Common Issues

Here are some common issues you may encounter when trying to change the Play Store’s language:

  • Play Store language not changing: This is the most common issue. Try force closing the app, clearing its cache/data and rebooting your device.
  • Languages list empty: If you don’t see the language you want to add in the list, your device software may not support adding that language. You’ll need to update your Android version.
  • Some apps don’t change language: While the system UI and Play Store will change language, individual apps may retain their language based on their own settings. You’ll have to change it manually within those apps.
  • Language keeps reverting: Sometimes an update or system app glitch can cause your default system language to revert back. Just repeat the steps to change it back.

So in summary, while the Play Store itself doesn’t allow changing the language, you can change your device’s default system language to also change the language in the Play Store. This allows you to access apps and content in other languages easily.