How To Delete Your Entire Twitter Like History at Once

Liking tweets is an integral part of the Twitter experience. It allows you to show appreciation and agreement for tweets you enjoy. However, over time you may accumulate hundreds or thousands of likes. Clearing your entire Twitter like history can help give your profile a fresh start. Here’s how to delete your entire Twitter like history at once.

Why You May Want To Delete Your Like History

There are a few key reasons why you may want to delete your entire Twitter like history:

  • Privacy – Old likes may reveal interests, opinions, or associations you no longer want public. Deleting them helps protect your privacy.
  • Irrelevant Content – Likes can date back years and may no longer represent your current interests or beliefs. Deleting them removes irrelevant associations.
  • Clean Slate – Clearing your likes gives your profile a clean slate to rebuild your image or personal brand.
  • Save Time – Manually unliking tweets takes an enormous amount of time. Automated tools make it fast and simple.

Twitter Limitations For Deleting Likes

Twitter only allows manual deletion of your 3,200 most recent likes. Any likes beyond that cannot be manually deleted from Twitter itself. Additionally, Twitter does not allow bulk deletion of likes. You have to manually unlike each tweet, which is extremely time consuming.

To delete your entire like history, you need to use authorized third party applications that can access your full Twitter archive and programmatically unlike tweets on your behalf.

Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to deleting your entire Twitter like history at once:

1. Download Your Twitter Archive

  • Go to your Twitter account settings
  • Select “Your account” then “Download an archive of your data”
  • Request your full account archive
  • Wait for Twitter to email you the download link
  • Download the ZIP file to your computer

2. Use a Third Party App

  • Sign up for a Twitter management app like Circleboom or TweetDeleter
  • Follow their instructions to connect your Twitter account
  • Upload your Twitter archive ZIP file to their interface

3. Unlike All Tweets

  • Use the app’s tools to select “Unlike all”
  • The app will programmatically unlike every tweet in your archive in just a few seconds!

And that’s it! The third party app leverages the data in your Twitter archive to efficiently delete your entire like history with just a couple clicks.

Alternative Bulk Unliking Methods

A few other platforms can also help bulk delete your Twitter likes:

  • Twitter Archive Eraser – A free web app that can unlike all tweets after uploading your Twitter archive. However, you’re limited to using their browser interface which can be slow.
  • – Has a simple web app to filter and bulk delete likes. But it may require paid plans for full archive access.

Overall, a dedicated Twitter management platform like Circleboom provides the best experience for erasing your entire like history with just a couple clicks.

Protect Your Privacy

Deleting your Twitter likes helps limit public information about your interests and beliefs over time. Here are some additional tips to enhance your Twitter privacy:

  • Review all your old tweets and delete anything too personal, controversial, or embarrassing
  • Enable privacy settings like protecting your tweets
  • Be cautious about liking tweets in the future, as they become part of your public associations
  • Periodically download and wipe your Twitter archive to routinely refresh your profile

Taking control of your Twitter data is important to managing your personal brand and online privacy. Following this guide will allow you to easily delete your entire Twitter like history in just a few minutes!