How to Disable Voice Chat Audio in Apex Legends

Key Takeaways

  • Apex Legends allows you to disable voice chat audio through the in-game settings menu
  • You can mute individual players or disable voice chat entirely during a match
  • Accessibility options let you convert voice to text or text to speech for better communication

Apex Legends is a hugely popular battle royale game that emphasizes teamwork and communication. While voice chat can be a useful tool for coordinating with your squad, there are times when you may want to disable it. Whether you’re trying to avoid toxic behavior or simply need to focus without distractions, Apex Legends provides several options for managing voice chat audio.

Muting Individual Players

One of the easiest ways to control voice chat is by muting individual players during a match. This can be done quickly from the inventory menu:

  1. Press your inventory key (Tab on PC, touchpad on console) to open the inventory
  2. Select the “Squad” tab at the top
  3. Locate the player you want to mute and click the speaker icon beneath their name

The speaker icon will be crossed out, indicating that you have muted that player’s voice and text chat. This is a great option if you only need to silence one disruptive teammate while still communicating with the rest of your squad.

Disabling All Voice Chat

If you prefer to play without any voice chat at all, Apex Legends allows you to disable it entirely through the settings menu:

  1. Open the settings menu (Esc on PC, start button on console)
  2. Navigate to the “Audio” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Voice Chat” section
  4. Set the “Voice Chat Volume” slider to 0

With voice chat volume set to 0, you will no longer hear any incoming voice communications from your teammates. This is a good option for solo players or those who prefer to use the game’s excellent ping system for communication.

Accessibility Options

For players with hearing or speech impairments, Apex Legends offers several accessibility options to improve communication:

Convert Incoming Voice to Text Chat
This setting will display any incoming voice chat as text in the chat window, allowing you to read what your teammates are saying.

Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech
Conversely, this option will read out any text chat from your teammates using a text-to-speech voice.

Enable Accessible Chat Features
This master toggle enables both of the above options, as well as additional accessibility features for chat.

These settings can be found under the “Accessibility” section of the gameplay settings menu.

Push-to-Talk vs Open Mic

In addition to controlling incoming voice chat, Apex Legends also lets you choose how your own microphone behaves:

  • Push-to-Talk: Your microphone will only transmit audio when you hold down a specific key (default is T on PC).
  • Open Mic: Your microphone will automatically transmit any time it detects audio above a certain threshold.

The Push-to-Talk option is generally recommended for a cleaner voice experience, as it prevents background noise and accidental transmission. However, some players may prefer the convenience of Open Mic.

To change your voice chat recording mode, navigate to the “Audio” settings tab and adjust the “Voice Chat Record Mode” option.

Customizing Audio Levels

In addition to disabling voice chat entirely, Apex Legends allows you to adjust the volume levels of various audio channels. This can be useful for finding the right balance between voice chat, sound effects, and music.

From the “Audio” settings tab, you can adjust sliders for:

  • Sound Effects Volume: Controls the volume of gameplay sounds like gunfire, abilities, and footsteps.
  • Dialogue Volume: Adjusts the volume of character voices and dialogue.
  • Music Volume: Controls the in-game music and soundtrack.

By tweaking these levels, you can ensure that important audio cues like footsteps and gunshots remain audible even with voice chat enabled.


Whether you’re looking to avoid toxicity, minimize distractions, or accommodate accessibility needs, Apex Legends provides a range of options for managing voice chat audio. From muting individual players to disabling voice chat entirely, you can tailor the audio experience to your preferences. And with additional settings for text-to-speech and push-to-talk, Apex Legends ensures clear communication for all players.