How To Double Space Document Lines in Google Docs

Double spacing document lines in Google Docs is easy and can be useful for making text more readable. Here is a step-by-step guide to double spacing lines in Google Docs, along with some tips for customizing spacing further.

Why Double Space Document Lines

Here are some reasons you may want to double space lines:

  • Makes text more readable and less dense
  • Provides space for editors/reviewers to make notes
  • Required or preferred for academic papers
  • Improves text scannability
  • Customizes look and feel of documents

Double spacing is especially common for academic papers where professors need room to make comments and edits between lines. But it can be used in any document when you want a more open, readable formatting.

How To Double Space Lines in Google Docs

On Web:

Double spacing lines in the web/desktop version of Google Docs only takes a few clicks:

  1. Highlight the text you want to double space. To select all text, use Ctrl/Command+A.
  2. Click Format > Line and paragraph spacing.
  3. Select Double spacing.

That’s it! The highlighted text will now have double line spacing.

On Mobile:

To double space on the Google Docs mobile app:

  1. Open the document and tap Edit (pencil icon).
  2. Select the text you want to double space.
  3. Tap the Format button (A icon).
  4. Under Line spacing, select 2.

The text will now have two lines of space between each line.

Customizing Spacing Further

If you want more control than simply double spacing, Google Docs provides several customization options:

  • Single – Default spacing
  • 1.15 – Slightly more than single spaced
  • 1.5 – One and a half spacing
  • Custom spacing – Manually set spacing before/after paragraphs

Under Custom spacing, you can dial in exact spacing using the following settings:

  • Space before paragraph
  • Space after paragraph
  • Line spacing

Tips for Effective Use

Here are some tips to use double line spacing effectively:

  • Be consistent – Use consistent spacing within documents
  • Highlight first – Always highlight text first before changing spacing
  • Check requirements – For academic papers, check spacing requirements
  • Preview before printing – Double check formatting before final printing
  • Set defaults – Save custom spacing as default for new documents

Using these best practices will ensure double spacing is applied properly.

Why Google Docs

Here’s why Google Docs is a great choice for double spacing documents:

  • Built-in functionality – No addons needed to double space
  • Real-time previews – See spacing changes live
  • Cross-platform access – Available on all devices
  • Collaboration – Simultaneous editing with others
  • Revision history – Track changes and spacing adjustments
  • Word import/export – Retain spacing when importing Word docs

The intuitive controls and seamless experience across devices makes spacing documents effortless in Google Docs.


Double spacing document lines in Google Docs only takes a few clicks but makes text much easier to read and edit. Be sure to highlight text first before adjusting spacing, and take advantage of custom controls to dial in paragraph and line spacing exactly as you need.

With real-time previews, cross-platform availability, and built-in collaboration, Google Docs helps simplify document formatting. Use consistent spacing within documents and check academic paper requirements for proper formatting.

So if you need more readable text, room for editing, or conformance with style rules, double spacing in Google Docs has you covered!