How to Download Videos Hosted on Vimeo Platform

Vimeo is a popular video hosting platform used by millions of creators and viewers around the world. With its high-quality video player, professional tools, and creative community, Vimeo has become the platform of choice for many filmmakers, businesses, and organizations to host and share their videos.

However, users often want to download Vimeo videos to watch offline or edit and repurpose the content. Downloading videos hosted on Vimeo requires using specific methods and tools to work around the platform’s restrictions. This guide will provide detailed instructions on the various ways to download Vimeo videos legally.

Overview of Vimeo’s Video Downloading Policy

Before learning how to download videos from Vimeo, it’s essential to understand the platform’s downloading policy:

  • Vimeo prohibits unauthorized downloading and redistribution of videos. Downloading videos without permission from the copyright holder violates Vimeo’s Terms of Service.
  • The video owner controls the download settings. Creators can choose to allow, restrict, or disable downloading of their videos.
  • Paid Vimeo plans enable download capabilities. Only Plus, PRO and Business members can let viewers download their videos in the player settings.

So if a video does not have a download button, you should not attempt to download it without explicit authorization from the owner. Failing to comply with the policy can lead to copyright issues or account suspension.

Methods to Legally Download Vimeo Videos

Here are the recommended methods to legally download videos hosted on Vimeo:

1. Use the Download Button

If the video owner has enabled the download feature, you will find a “Download” button below the video player. To download the video:

  1. Click the Download button
  2. Select the desired video quality
  3. The video file will download to your device

This official method provides the fastest and easiest way to legally obtain Vimeo videos.

2. Contact the Video Owner

For videos without a download option, you can:

  • Check if the video has a Creative Commons license that allows reuse
  • Contact the owner directly and request permission to download
  • Specify your intended use of the video to download

If the owner grants permission, they may send you the video file or enable downloading on their end.

3. Use Third-Party Tools Sparingly

Websites like allow downloading videos by just entering the Vimeo URL. However, many of these sites operate in legal grey areas.

Use such tools sparingly, only for videos that clearly allow reuse. Avoid downloading private, unlisted or copyrighted Vimeo content with these tools.

4. Screen Recording Software

Screen recording apps like OBS Studio can record and capture video playing on your screen. While recording Vimeo videos this way is not outright illegal, it also violates the platform’s terms if done excessively or for commercial use.

Use screen recording as a last resort just for personal offline viewing. Do not redistribute or edit videos recorded this way without permission.

Best Practices for Downloading Vimeo Videos

When downloading videos hosted on Vimeo, keep in mind these best practices:

  • Review the video page and player carefully for any download settings or restrictions
  • Don’t assume all videos are downloadable – look for explicit confirmation
  • Be cautious of legal concerns when using third-party downloading tools
  • Use downloads only for personal, non-commercial use unless allowed otherwise
  • Seek direct consent from video owners whenever possible
  • Respect copyright – avoid duplicating or sharing downloaded content without permission


Vimeo provides excellent video hosting features but restricts unauthorized downloading to protect creator interests. While users can legally download videos in some cases, it is crucial to follow Vimeo’s policy, copyright law, and best practices outlined in this guide. Seeking direct owner permission and using the official tools are the best approaches for downloading Vimeo videos safely and legally.