How to Easily Mass Unsubscribe From Multiple YouTube Channels

Over time, you may accumulate hundreds or even thousands of YouTube channel subscriptions that you no longer watch or want notifications from. Unsubscribing from each channel individually can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are a few methods to easily mass unsubscribe from multiple YouTube channels at once.

Use a Third Party Extension

One of the easiest ways to mass unsubscribe is by using a third party browser extension. For example:

  • PNUK Unsubscribe All – This Chrome extension allows you to unsubscribe from all YouTube channels in just one click. It’s very simple and straightforward to use.
  • Subscription Manager – Another Chrome extension that lets you bulk select multiple channels on your subscriptions page and unsubscribe from them all at once.

The main benefit of using an extension is convenience – with just a couple clicks, you can remove a large number of subscriptions quickly. The downside is that extensions may not always be kept up-to-date by developers, so they could stop working properly in the future.

Use a Custom Script

For more advanced YouTube users, you can use a custom JavaScript script to mass unsubscribe channels. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Subscriptions page on YouTube.
  2. Open the browser’s Developer Tools console (right click anywhere on page, click “Inspect Element”)
  3. Paste this script into the console:
var buttons = document.querySelectorAll('.yt-uix-button-subscribe-branded');
buttons.forEach(button =>; 
  1. Hit enter to run the script. This will click all “Unsubscribe” buttons on the page.

You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the subscriptions page first to load all of your subscriptions before running the script. Also, due to confirmation dialogues, you still have to manually confirm each unsubscribe.

The benefit of this method is you don’t need to install anything extra and it works on any modern browser. The downside is that it requires some technical knowledge to use.

Use YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the official channel management tool for creators. It doesn’t support mass unsubscribing directly, but you can still use it to efficiently unsubscribe multiple channels:

  1. Go to the Subscribers page in YouTube Studio.
  2. Filter the list of subscribers by “Subscribed channels” to only show channel subscriptions.
  3. Select multiple channels from the list (ctrl/shift + click).
  4. Click the “Unsubscribe” button at the top.
  5. Confirm unsubscribing from the selected channels.

This method allows you to view and select specific channels to unsubscribe from while still being reasonably fast. The downside is you’re limited to only unsubscribing 100 channels at once.

Start Fresh with a New Account

If you want to completely start fresh, you can create a new YouTube account and subscribe only to the channels you actually want to follow. Just be warned that you’ll lose your full watch history, playlists, likes, and other data tied to your current account.

Before deleting your main account, you may want to at least export your YouTube data for backup. You can submit a request here.

Use a Social Media Management Platform

For teams and businesses managing multiple YouTube channels, using a social media management platform can help streamline channel administration in one centralized dashboard.

For example, tools like AgoraPulse, Sendible, and Sprout Social allow you to:

  • Easily view channel analytics and subscriber data
  • Schedule video uploads across multiple channels
  • Respond to comments in bulk
  • Collaborate with team members
  • And more!

The platform subscription costs may be high for personal use but worthwhile for managing channels at scale.

Tips for Staying Organized

Here are some additional tips for staying organized with your YouTube subscriptions:

  • Categorize subscriptions into groups – Use YouTube’s “Channels” feature to organize channels into different content categories like Gaming, News, Cooking etc. This helps filter types of videos shown in your Subscriptions feed.
  • Set up email digests – Enable email digests in YouTube account settings to get a daily or weekly summary of activity from your subscribed channels. This reduces notification overload.
  • Create a spreadsheet – Maintain a spreadsheet listing all your subscribed channels along with categories, preferences, and other notes. Makes it easy to track channels and purge stale subscriptions later.
  • Unsubscribe as soon as you lose interest – Don’t let dead subscriptions linger. The moment you stop watching a channel’s uploads, unsubscribe right away to prevent clutter.
  • Periodically review subscriptions – Every few months, audit your Subscriptions feed and remove channels you no longer view regularly. This prevents wasted subscriptions.


It takes some effort but regularly pruning your YouTube subscriptions ensures you only follow channels you actively watch and enjoy. This improves your daily viewing experience while supporting the creators that matter most to you.

Hopefully the methods provided above for easily mass unsubscribing channels helps make maintaining your subscriptions more manageable. Find what works best for your needs and try incorporating some of organizational best practices as well.