How to Enable and Spawn AI Bots in Apex Legends Game

Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. With its fast-paced gameplay and unique hero abilities, it can have a steep learning curve for new players. Fortunately, there is a way to practice against AI bots in the game’s Firing Range mode.

What are the Apex Legends Bots?

The bots available in Apex Legends are known as “DUMMIEs”. They are basic AI bots that can move around and shoot back at players. Enabling the DUMMIEs in the Firing Range provides players with basic targets to practice their aim and combat skills against.

Key things to know about the Apex Legends bots:

  • Only available in the Firing Range training mode
  • Activated through an Easter Egg
  • Will equip weapons and shoot back at players
  • Not as complex as human players, but still provide practice targets

How to Enable and Spawn Bots in Firing Range

Follow these steps to activate the DUMMIE bots in the Apex Legends Firing Range:

Step 1: Enter the Firing Range

  • From the main menu, select the “Firing Range” option
  • You will spawn into the map alone without any other human players

Step 2: Locate the Activation Spot

  • Make your way to the far back right platform of the spawn room
  • This is most easily reached by using a movement ability like Pathfinder’s grapple
  • Crouch in the exact middle of this rear platform

Step 3: Change Legends

  • While crouched in position, open your inventory and change to a different legend
  • You should hear an audio cue indicating the bots have activated

Step 4: Engage the Bots

  • The DUMMIE bots will now run around the Firing Range and pick up weapons
  • They have basic AI that allows them to shoot back when attacked
  • Feel free to practice against them however you like!

To turn the bots back off, simply return to the activation spot while crouched and change legends again.

Tips for Practicing Against Bots

Here are some suggestions for ways you can effectively practice against the AI bots:

  • Work on aiming by shooting at bots from various ranges
  • Practice using different weapons and scopes
  • Test how abilities like grenades affect bots
  • Try executing attack maneuvers you would use against human opponents
  • Pay attention to bot reactions and movements to get better at tracking targets

The key is using the bots as basic target practice and not expecting complex behavior. Think of them as ambulatory shooting range targets and use them to improve mechanical skills.

Limitations of Apex Legends Bots

While the firing range bots are handy for target practice, keep in mind:

  • They only exist in the Firing Range – You won’t encounter them in normal matches
  • Limited AI – Movement and actions are not completely realistic
  • No squad behaviors – Bots don’t perform team tactics or use pings
  • Can’t simulate live players – Unpredictable human opponents require more practice

So make sure to complement your bot practice with actual matches against human squads!

FAQ About Apex Legends Bots

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are there bots in regular Apex Legends matches?

No, currently you will only find bots in the designated Firing Range training mode. They do not appear in normal battle royale matches.

Can I play against bots with friends?

Unfortunately not. The Firing Range only allows one player at a time, so you cannot invite friends.

What weapons do the bots use?

The bots will randomly equip basic weapons scattered around the Firing Range. Typically shotguns, assault rifles, and SMGs.

How many bots spawn in the range?

Roughly 20 bots will continuously spawn once activated. They do not stop respawning if you defeat them.

Do bots have abilities?

No. The AI bots cannot use character tactical, ultimate, or passive abilities. They will only run, jump, and shoot weapons.


Activating the DUMMIE bots in Apex Legends’ Firing Range provides a great way to get extra target practice outside of live matches. While not a perfect simulation, it beats shooting at stationary targets. Use the bots to build your mechanical skills before applying them against real opponents. Just remember to practice squad tactics in actual games too!