How to Exit Fullscreen Mode in AnyDesk Remote Desktop

AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop software that allows you to access another computer or device remotely. Its fullscreen mode provides an immersive experience by expanding the remote desktop to fill your entire screen.

However, being stuck in fullscreen mode can be frustrating if you want to access your local desktop or applications. Luckily, exiting fullscreen mode in AnyDesk only takes a few simple steps.

When to Use Fullscreen Mode

Fullscreen mode is useful when:

  • You need to focus on specific remote desktop tasks without local desktop distractions
  • Working on a small laptop screen and want to maximize the remote desktop area
  • Demonstrating remote software or websites where screen space is important

How to Enter Fullscreen Mode

To enter fullscreen mode:

  • Double click on the remote desktop window
  • Or click on Enter Fullscreen in the top menu bar
  • The remote desktop will instantly expand to occupy the whole screen

How to Exit Fullscreen Mode

On Windows and Mac

To exit fullscreen mode:

  • Hover your mouse pointer at the top center of the screen
  • A control bar pops up after a second
  • Click on the Exit Fullscreen icon in the control bar

Alternatively press the Esc key to exit fullscreen mode instantly.

On Mobile Devices

To exit fullscreen mode on iOS and Android devices:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • The navigation bar will appear
  • Tap on the Back button to return to windowed mode

What You Can Do After Exiting Fullscreen

After exiting fullscreen mode:

  • Access your local desktop and applications
  • Check notifications and running programs
  • Launch or switch to other applications
  • Adjust AnyDesk settings if needed
  • Minimize AnyDesk to work exclusively on local desktop

So feel free to exit fullscreen whenever you need to multitask or take a break from the remote desktop session.

Tips for Working in Fullscreen Mode

  • Use fullscreen for focused remote work sessions
  • Exit fullscreen if you need to use local desktop or apps
  • Switch to windowed mode if remote desktop area is sufficient
  • Turn on scaling if text and elements are too small in fullscreen
  • Try different views like Fit to Window to resize remote desktop

How to Prevent Accidental Fullscreen Mode

If you find yourself accidentally triggering fullscreen mode:

Disable Double Click Fullscreen

  • Go to Settings > Display
  • Uncheck the Double click on session enters fullscreen option

Now double clicking the remote desktop will not enable fullscreen.

Show Control Bar on Hover

Having the control bar always visible prevents accidental fullscreen mode.

To keep the control bar persistently visible:

  • Go to Settings > Display
  • Check the Always show menu bar option
  • The control bar will always be present to allow exiting fullscreen easily

Why AnyDesk Fullscreen is Useful

Despite some accidental triggers, AnyDesk’s fullscreen mode provides many benefits:

  • Removes on-screen distractions and notifications
  • Focus fully on remote desktop tasks
  • Maximum area for remote desktop on small screens
  • Looks and feels like working on an actual remote computer
  • Optimized demonstrations, presentations, and collaborations

So learning how to properly exit fullscreen mode allows you to enjoy these benefits without being permanently stuck in fullscreen.


Exiting fullscreen mode is easy once you know how – just hover at the top center edge of the screen for the control bar.

Feel free to use AnyDesk’s immersive fullscreen mode for focused remote work. And exit comfortably to your local desktop whenever needed.

Optimizing fullscreen vs. windowed modes this way provides the best remote desktop experience.