How to Find Your iPad’s Unique WiFi MAC Address Number

Every device that connects to a network, whether via WiFi, Ethernet, or other means, has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address assigned to its network interface controller. An iPad’s MAC address allows it to be identified on the local network and is often necessary to connect to certain WiFi networks or troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Finding your iPad’s MAC address is easy – it just takes a few taps in the Settings app. Here is a step-by-step guide:

What is a MAC Address

A MAC address is a 12-digit hexadecimal number, usually separated by colons or hyphens. For example, a typical MAC address might look like 00:11:22:33:44:55.

The first half of a MAC address contains the manufacturer ID, so you can often identify the maker of a device from its MAC address. The second half of the address is the serial number assigned to that specific device. Together, they create a globally unique identifier.

Why Find My iPad’s MAC Address?

Here are some common reasons you may need to locate your iPad’s MAC address:

  • To connect to a WiFi network that uses MAC address filtering for security
  • To allow your iPad access through a firewall or parental controls
  • To identify your device on the network for troubleshooting
  • Keeping a record of it in case your iPad is lost or stolen

Without the MAC address, you would not be able to connect your iPad to certain WiFi networks.

How to Find Your iPad’s WiFi MAC Address

Finding the MAC address on an iPad is simple:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap About
  4. Scroll down and locate the Wi-Fi Address field
  5. This alphanumeric string of characters is your iPad’s MAC address

Here is an example:

iPad MAC Address Location

The Wi-Fi Address field shows your iPad’s MAC address.

To use the MAC address elsewhere, touch and hold the address then tap Copy to save it to your clipboard.

Using a Randomized MAC Address

Recent versions of iPadOS have the option to use a randomized MAC address when connecting to WiFi networks. This enhances privacy and security by preventing your device from being tracked across networks.

If your iPad is using a randomized MAC address, the Wi-Fi Address field will show as Not Set rather than displaying the actual address.

To find your actual MAC address:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Tap the blue info icon next to the connected WiFi network
  3. Your iPad’s current MAC address will be listed under HWADDR

Additional Points

  • Every network interface on your iPad will have its own unique MAC address
  • The MAC address is tied to the hardware and cannot be changed easily
  • MAC addresses use hexadecimal numbers 0-9 and letters A-F
  • The manufacturer ID makes up the first half (OUI) of the MAC address
  • Your iPad’s MAC address will stay the same unless you reset network settings
  • Recent iPadOS versions use randomization for enhanced security

Knowing how to find your iPad’s MAC address gives you an important tool for managing network connectivity issues. For optimal security, make sure randomization is enabled in your iPad’s WiFi settings.

My Experience and Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in IT and network administration, I am highly familiar with locating device MAC addresses across various platforms for troubleshooting and security purposes. I have configured many WiFi networks, worked extensively with iPads and other mobile devices, and frequently rely on MAC addresses to identify issues. Whether helping family members connect a new iPad or managing a corporate network, the steps outlined here are essential to me. Please let me know if you have any other questions!