How to Fix and Troubleshoot Disney Plus Error Code 73

Disney Plus (also known as Disney+) has become hugely popular for streaming Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content. However, some users encounter error code 73 when trying to access Disney Plus. This article provides troubleshooting tips to fix error code 73 on Disney Plus.

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 73?

Error code 73 typically appears with the message:

“Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access Disney+. If you think you are seeing this message in error, visit the Disney+ Help Center.”

This error occurs when you try to access Disney Plus from a country or region where the service is unavailable. Disney Plus has launched in various countries but is still rolling out globally.

Here are some common reasons why you may see error code 73:

  • Using a VPN or proxy service – Disney Plus blocks access via VPNs to enforce regional restrictions. Turning off your VPN or proxy should resolve the issue.
  • Temporary internet or DNS issues – Sometimes error code 73 is caused by a temporary internet connectivity or DNS problem. Trying again later often fixes it.
  • Incorrect location data – The location data Disney Plus receives from your IP address or device may be incorrect, blocking access even if you are in a supported country.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73

Here are troubleshooting tips to fix error code 73 on Disney Plus:

1. Check Disney Plus Availability in Your Country

First, confirm your country is officially supported by Disney Plus. The service has launched across North America, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, and several Asian countries.

If Disney Plus is unavailable where you live, you’ll continue seeing error code 73 unfortunately. You’ll have to wait until an official local launch.

2. Turn Off VPN and Proxy Services

If you’re using a VPN or proxy service, turn it off completely and try connecting to Disney Plus again. Disney Plus actively blocks access from VPN IP addresses and proxies to enforce content licensing restrictions.

3. Restart Your Device and Router

Sometimes error code 73 arises from temporary internet or DNS issues. Restarting devices forces them to re-establish internet connections and flush DNS caches.

First, reboot the device you’re trying to watch Disney Plus on – whether it’s a streaming stick, smart TV, game console, etc. Then try restarting your wifi router and modem as well.

4. Try Different Devices on Different Connections

To help narrow down the cause, attempt to access Disney Plus on different devices using different internet connections:

  • Smartphone cellular data vs home wifi
  • Game console vs laptop vs smart TV
  • Mobile hotspot vs public wifi network

If error code 73 persists on all devices and connections, the problem is linked to your Disney Plus account rather than your local network.

5. Clear Cookies and Cache

Over time, corrupted app caches and cookies can cause Disney Plus access problems. Clearing this temporary data forces apps to reinitialize properly.

Refer to your device’s instructions for steps to clear cookies/cache. Reinstalling the Disney Plus app can also flush cached data.

6. Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting tips and error code 73 still appears constantly, contact Disney Plus Customer Service. Have your account details and error logs handy.

Explain clearly when and where the error code appears. Disney Plus support can further investigate issues and escalate them for engineering fixes if needed.

Preventing Disney Plus Error Code 73

Here are some tips to avoid seeing error code 73 on Disney Plus in the future:

  • Don’t use VPNs – Avoid VPNs and proxies that can obscure your real location from Disney Plus and trigger error code 73.
  • Keep apps updated – Install the latest Disney Plus app updates which may contain bug fixes for error code 73. Disney Plus requires the following minimum app versions:
  • Android TV: 1.10.1
  • Apple TV: 3.0.0
  • Fire TV: 5.3.0
  • Roku: 10.0.0
  • Check for Disney Plus updates – Disney Plus is still rolling out globally, so check their official website to see if your country now has access, avoiding error code 73.


Error code 73 typically appears when trying to access Disney Plus in an unsupported country or using a VPN/proxy. Clearing this error requires confirming your location works with Disney Plus, turning off VPNs, restarting devices, reinstalling apps, or contacting customer support.

Following the troubleshooting guide outlined here should help resolve error code 73, allowing you to stream Disney Plus smoothly. Check the Disney Plus Help Center for the latest updates on error codes and fixes.