How To Fix BeReal Not Saving or Showing Screenshot Images You Take

BeReal is a popular social media app that encourages users to share authentic, unedited photos and videos of their daily lives. A unique feature of BeReal is that it notifies you when someone takes a screenshot of your post, allowing you to see who has saved your image.

However, sometimes BeReal seems to glitch and does not properly save or show screenshots that users take. If you are having issues with BeReal not saving or displaying screenshots, there are several troubleshooting tips you can try.

Why BeReal May Not Be Saving or Showing Your Screenshots

Here are some common reasons why BeReal could be failing to save or display screenshots:

  • App glitch or bug: Like any app, BeReal can occasionally experience glitches that disrupt normal functioning. A bug could prevent screenshots from being saved or displayed properly.
  • Outdated app version: If you haven’t updated BeReal recently, an outdated version could cause issues with screenshots.
  • Connectivity problems: Unstable internet connections can interfere with BeReal’s ability to save and sync data like screenshots across devices.
  • Insufficient storage space: If your phone is low on storage, BeReal may struggle to save new screenshots.
  • Restricted app permissions: BeReal needs access to your phone’s storage and photos to save and display screenshots. If permissions are disabled, it cannot perform these functions.

Troubleshooting Tips To Fix BeReal Screenshot Issues

If you are struggling with BeReal not saving or showing screenshots, try these troubleshooting suggestions:

1. Restart Your Phone and BeReal App

Restarting your phone and the BeReal app can help clear out any temporary glitches. Force quit the BeReal app, restart your phone, then launch BeReal again. This simple fix resolves many minor issues.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your phone has a stable WiFi or cellular data connection. Unreliable internet makes it difficult for BeReal to save and sync screenshot data properly.

3. Update BeReal to the Latest Version

Go to your device’s app store and check for any available updates for BeReal. Installing the latest version helps resolve bugs and optimizes performance.

4. Verify Device Storage and App Permissions

Check that your phone has sufficient remaining storage for BeReal to save screenshots. Also, confirm BeReal has permission to access your photos, media, and files. Grant any requested permissions.

5. Clear BeReal’s Cache and Data

Over time, corrupted cached or temporary data can cause performance issues. On iPhone, offload then re-install BeReal. On Android, clear BeReal’s cache and data via your device’s app settings.

6. Contact BeReal Customer Support

If you still have issues with screenshots after trying these steps, reach out to BeReal’s customer support team through the in-app support menu. They may be able to troubleshoot further or escalate a persistent technical issue.

Tips To Avoid BeReal Screenshot Problems

Here are some tips to help prevent issues with BeReal failing to save or display screenshots in the future:

  • Update BeReal whenever new versions are available
  • Maintain a strong internet connection when using BeReal
  • Close BeReal completely when not in use to prevent data syncing issues
  • Monitor your device storage space and clear room when needed
  • Grant all requested app permissions and enable auto-updates
  • Reboot your phone regularly to clear out performance problems

By following these troubleshooting suggestions and best practices, you can get BeReal working properly again so you never miss a screenshot notification. Reach out for customer support if problems persist.