How to Generate and Print Invoices in Shopify Store Admin

Generating and printing professional invoices is an important part of running an online Shopify store. Invoices create a record of transactions, ensure you get paid, and provide customers with details about their purchase.

While Shopify does not have a built-in invoicing feature, there are several easy ways to create and print invoices right from your Shopify admin. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including:

Why You Need Invoices in Shopify

Here are some of the key reasons Shopify store owners need to generate invoices:

  • Create a Record of Transactions: Invoices provide documentation of all purchases, which is useful for bookkeeping, accounting, and tax purposes.
  • Get Paid Faster: Invoices encourage customers to pay more quickly by clearly outlining payment terms and due dates.
  • Improve Customer Service: Invoices allow customers to review order and payment details if they have any questions.
  • Comply with Tax Laws: Generating invoices ensures you meet legal and tax compliance in jurisdictions that require them.

How to Print Invoices in Shopify

There are a few easy options for creating and printing professional invoices directly within your Shopify admin.

Use the Free Order Printer App

The easiest way to generate and print invoices in Shopify is by using the free Order Printer app. This app is made by Shopify and lets you:

  • Bulk print custom packing slips, invoices, shipping labels, and receipts
  • Customize templates using HTML and Liquid code
  • Print documents for both online and in-store POS orders

To use Order Printer:

  1. Install the app from your Shopify admin
  2. Navigate to the app and select the orders you want to invoice
  3. Choose an invoice template and customize it if desired
  4. Select the documents you want to print
  5. Click “Print” to generate a PDF to save or physically print

The Order Printer app lets you quickly invoice customers without any coding knowledge required. However, you can further customize templates if you do have HTML/Liquid experience.

Use Draft Orders and Send Invoices

Another way to send professional digital invoices is to use Shopify’s draft order feature.

To invoice customers with draft orders:

  1. Create a draft order for the customer manually from their profile
  2. Add products, quantities, shipping, and other details
  3. At the top, click “Send Invoice” and confirm the message
  4. The customer will receive the invoice email with a payment link

This allows you to create detailed invoices, include special payment instructions, and manually send them to customers as needed.

Install an Invoice App

If you want added invoice features like automation, reminders, and advanced customization, consider installing a third-party Shopify invoice app.

Some top-rated invoice apps include:

  • Sufio: Automates invoices and supports complex tax setups
  • Invoicify: Generates automatic invoices with each order
  • Invoice Hero: Creates customizable, branded PDF invoices

Be sure to review pricing and features to pick the best Shopify invoice app for your business needs.

Customizing Your Invoices

To make your invoices fully customized to your brand, you’ll want to edit the template in HTML. Here are some customizations you can make:

  • Add your logo: Include your logo at the top for branding
  • Format tables: Set table widths to 100% to fit more info
  • Include images: Show product images or thumbnails
  • Add custom text: Welcome message, payment terms, instructions, etc.
  • Customize fonts and colors: Match colors to your brand style

Review invoice apps to see samples of the level of customization and editing they offer for templates. An app like Sufio or Invoicify will provide more advanced options compared to the free Order Printer.

Automatically Email Invoices

To save time and effort, you can set up automatic email invoicing so an invoice gets sent to the customer with every completed purchase.

Install an invoice app like Invoicify or Sufio, which lets you:

  • Activate automated invoice sending
  • Choose a template to send
  • Set reminders for overdue invoices

This automation helps streamline your order fulfillment workflow.

Key Invoice Tips and Best Practices

Follow these tips when creating and managing invoices:

  • Go paperless: Email invoices rather than print to save costs and time
  • Simplify design: Use an easy-to-read template so details are clear
  • Number invoices: Sequential numbering helps with organization
  • Add payment terms and due dates: Encourage fast payment
  • Offer quick payment discounts: Incentivize early payment
  • Automate where possible: Save time by automatically generating and sending invoices
  • Set up reminders: Follow up with customers about unpaid invoices


Generating professional invoices is crucial for order documentation, tax compliance, cash flow, and customer service.

While Shopify doesn’t have built-in invoicing, the Order Printer app provides free and simple invoice creation. For more advanced features, explore apps like Sufio and Invoicify.

Be sure to customize your branded invoice templates and automate sending where possible. Following invoice best practices will ensure you get paid quickly while providing an exceptional customer checkout experience.