How to Get Diluc Character in Genshin Impact

Diluc is one of the most popular and sought-after characters in Genshin Impact. As a 5-star pyro claymore user, he excels as a main DPS and can deal massive amounts of damage. However, getting Diluc can be difficult as he is only available through the game’s gacha wish system. This article will provide an in-depth guide on how to get Diluc in Genshin Impact.

Overview of Diluc

Before diving into how to obtain him, let’s first go over why you would want Diluc on your team:

  • As a 5-star character, Diluc has high base stats and strong multipliers on his skills
  • His elemental skill and burst allow him to combo pyro damage very quickly
  • He specializes in dealing pyro damage and works very well in reaction focused teams
  • His constellations boost his pyro damage even further
  • He’s one of the top main DPS characters even at C0 constellation

Overall, Diluc is a very strong pyro damage dealer that remains relevant even as new characters get introduced.

Ways to Obtain Diluc

There are two primary ways to obtain Diluc in Genshin Impact:

Standard Banner

Diluc is available on the standard banner, also known as Wanderlust Invocation. This banner has no rate ups and contains 5-star characters and weapons in the general pool.

You have a 0.3% chance to get Diluc per wish on this banner. As you wish more, you also accumulate standard fates towards the soft pity and guarantee system.

  • Soft pity starts at around wish #75
  • Guarantee kicks in at 90 wishes

So while he’s available here, the rates are low and you could end up getting a different 5-star character like Jean or Qiqi.

Limited Character Event Banners

Diluc can also very rarely appear on the limited character event banners that feature rate ups on specific 5-star characters.

The chance of getting Diluc when he is not rated up is around 0.06% per wish. So your odds are extremely low, but there’s still a small chance.

The advantage of limited banners is that you guarantee the rate up character if you did not pull them after 90 wishes.

Tips to Get Diluc

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to get Diluc:

  • Consistently make wishes on both the standard and limited banners
  • Build up primogems through quests, events, and exploration
  • Consider spending some money to purchase genesis crystals
  • Create multiple accounts and attempt rerolling at the start
  • Utilize the “Epitome Invocation” on the weapons banner

While Diluc’s drop rates seem very low, remember that persistence and patience is key. Setting aside some money if possible can greatly help in accumulating enough wishes.

Follow this guide, set reasonable expectations, and eventually you’ll be able to welcome the formidable Diluc onto your team!

Maximizing Diluc’s Potential

Upon obtaining Diluc, you’ll want to maximize his potential by:

Leveling and Ascending

  • Level Diluc to the current maximum (90)
  • Fully ascend him to unlock his final passive talents
  • Max out his attack, HP, defense, elemental mastery and crit stats
  • Prioritize his normal attack and skill talent levels


  • 5-star claymores like Wolf’s Gravestone
  • Serpent Spine (BP) or Prototype Archaic for F2P options


  • 4-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames
  • Attack sands, pyro goblet, crit circlet
  • Substats should have crit, crit damage and some EM

Team Members

Some top teammates include:

  • Xingqiu – vaporize support
  • Bennett – attack buffs
  • Sucrose – crowd control and EM share
  • Zhongli – resistance shred and shielding

There are many team variations but focus on amplifying his pyro damage through reactions.

With the proper build, Diluc will serve you very well as a top-tier main DPS for all content!