How to Get Your Amazon Echo Show to Display Song Lyrics in Sync

The Amazon Echo Show is a great device for listening to music and singing along to your favorite songs. One of the best features of the Echo Show is the ability to display song lyrics on the screen in sync with the music that’s playing. However, sometimes the lyrics can get out of sync or not display properly. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the lyric display feature on your Echo Show.

Check That the Song Has Lyrics Available

The first thing to check is whether or not the song you are trying to play actually has lyrics available to display. Amazon Music has lyrics for many popular songs, but not for every track in their catalog. You can check if a song has lyrics by:

  • Playing it on the Amazon Music app or web player and seeing if lyrics come up there
  • Searching for the song title + “lyrics” on Google to see if official lyrics are available online
  • Trying an alternate music service like Spotify that may have lyrics for that song

If you’ve determined the song does have lyrics available, then the issue likely lies with the Echo Show. Move on to the next troubleshooting tips.

Restart the Echo Show

One quick fix is to simply restart your Echo Show device. To restart it:

  • Unplug the power cable from the back of the Echo Show for 30 seconds
  • Plug the power back in and wait for the device to boot back up completely
  • Try asking Alexa to play the song again to see if lyrics now appear

Restarting can clear any temporary glitches that were preventing lyrics from loading properly.

Check Your Internet Connection

Of course the Echo Show needs an internet connection to be able to look up and display lyrics. Make sure your Echo Show is connected to your Wi-Fi and your network connection is strong in the location of the device.

You can say “Alexa, run an internet connection test” to have your Echo Show diagnose any issues with getting online. Move it closer to your router if the signal seems weak.

Enable Lyrics in Your Alexa App

The ability for your Echo Show to display lyrics needs to be enabled in the Alexa app settings:

  • Open the Alexa app and go to Settings
  • Select your specific Echo Show device
  • Go to Device Options > Music & Podcasts
  • Turn on “Lyrics” and “Background lyrics”

This ensures your Echo Show will fetch song lyrics from Amazon’s servers whenever available.

Link Additional Music Services

In addition to Amazon Music, make sure any other music services you use are properly linked in the Alexa app. Under Music & Podcasts settings, select “Link New Service” and log into Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.

Enabling additional music services will give you access to more song lyrics.

Try Resetting Your Echo Show to Factory Defaults

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting tips and are still having issues getting lyrics to appear reliably, you can factory reset your Echo Show device:

  • Swipe down from the top of the Echo Show screen and select Settings
  • Choose Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults

This will erase all your settings and data and restore your Echo Show to original factory conditions. You’ll have to set it back up, relink music services, and re-enable lyrics. Hopefully that fixes any lingering glitches.

Contact Amazon Customer Service

Getting lyrics to show properly on the Echo Show can be frustrating. If you’ve tried all troubleshooting suggestions and lyrics still fail to sync or display, reach out to Amazon’s customer service for further help.

Provide details on exactly what issue you’re seeing. They may have additional suggestions or need to escalate to their technical team if it appears to be a software bug. Amazon’s customer service is generally excellent and wants to make sure you’re able to use all features of your Echo Show properly.

Use an Alternate Alexa Device

As a last resort, consider purchasing an alternate Alexa smart display. The all-new Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 may provide better performance with displaying synced up lyrics while you listen to music. Newer generation devices tend to have improved hardware and software.

In summary:

  • Verify the song has available lyrics to display
  • Restart your Echo Show
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Enable lyrics capability in the Alexa app
  • Link additional music services like Spotify
  • Factory reset the Echo Show
  • Contact Amazon Customer Service for troubleshooting help
  • Try a newer Echo Show model for potentially better performance

With a few simple troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get your Echo Show displaying song lyrics in perfect sync with your music. Then you can crank up the volume and sing your heart out!