How to Insert and Format Page Numbers in Canva Design Tool

Canva is a popular graphic design platform used by millions of people worldwide to create visually appealing designs for both personal and professional use. However, one commonly asked question is – how do I add page numbers in Canva?

Unfortunately, Canva does not have a built-in automatic page numbering feature. But not to worry, you can still add page numbers manually using text boxes or number elements. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to insert and format page numbers in Canva.

Why Add Page Numbers in Canva

Before jumping into the steps, let’s first understand why adding page numbers is important:

  • Organization – Page numbers help keep multi-page Canva projects organized and sequenced properly. This enhances the overall readability and navigation.
  • Professionalism – Numbered pages lend a professional finish to documents like proposals, reports, brochures, catalogs, books etc. This presents a more polished impression to your audience.
  • Printing – If you intend to get your Canva design printed, page numbers become extremely crucial for proper order and binding.
  • Referencing – Readers can easily reference specific portions of your document using page numbers. This improves context and comprehension.

Method 1: Add Page Numbers Using Text Boxes

Text boxes give you more control over the look and placement of page numbers. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Insert a Text Box

Click the “Text” tab on the left sidebar and insert a text box onto your Canva page.

Step 2: Enter Page Number

Type your desired page number inside the text box, for example, “1”.

Step 3: Position the Text Box

Drag and place the text box with the page number to the desired location on the page.

Step 4: Duplicate Pages

Click “Duplicate Page” to create an identical second page.

Step 5: Update Page Numbers

Double click the text box on Page 2 and update the page number to “2”. Repeat for additional pages.

You can further customize the page numbers by changing fonts, colors or adding backgrounds.

Method 2: Add Page Numbers Using Elements

The Elements tab in Canva offers pre-made number designs you can quickly add to pages:

Step 1: Open Elements Tab

Click the “Elements” tab and search for “numbers” in the search bar.

Step 2: Choose Number Style

Browse through the available number designs and pick one you like.

Step 3: Add to Page

Drag the number element onto your Canva page.

Step 4: Duplicate and Update

Follow Step 4 and 5 from the previous method to duplicate pages and update numbers.

The benefit here is that you can instantly apply fancy, ready-made number styles instead of designing them from scratch.

Formatting Tips for Page Numbers

Here are some formatting best practices to standardize page numbers across your document:

Use Consistent Fonts

Make sure all page number text boxes or elements use the same font style and size for uniformity.

Align Numbers

Enable Rulers in Canva (View > Rulers) to align page numbers properly across multiple pages.

Add Background Shapes

Consider adding colored shapes or lines behind the numbers to visually distinguish them.

Position Numbers Strategically

Place page numbers in consistent locations – top corners or bottom center are common placements.

Include Total Pages

Add “Page 1 of 10” format to indicate total pages to readers upfront. Update total pages as you add more.

By following these simple tips, you can seamlessly insert and format page numbers within Canva without issues. This small addition goes a long way in enhancing the professional polish of your multi-page documents.

Over to you now! Armed with these step-by-step directions, start adding page numbers to organize your next Canva project.