How to Instantly Clear Filters in Google Sheets


Filters in Google Sheets allow you to temporarily hide certain rows or columns of data so you can focus on only the information you need. This can be extremely useful when working with large datasets.

However, once you’ve filtered your sheet to analyze a subset of data, you may eventually want to remove the filters to once again see the entire dataset. Fortunately, Google Sheets makes it easy to instantly clear filters with just a click of a button.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What filters are and how they work in Google Sheets
  • How to instantly clear all filters at once
  • How to selectively clear individual filters
  • The difference between regular filters and filter views
  • How to clear filters on mobile devices

Follow along below to master the art of clearing filters in Google Sheets.

What Are Filters in Google Sheets?

A filter in Google Sheets allows you to temporarily hide certain rows or columns that match or don’t match criteria you specify.

For example, you can use a filter to only show rows where:

  • The date occurred after January 1st, 2022
  • The revenue amount exceeds $10,000
  • The country is United States

Benefits of using filters include:

  • Removing clutter so you can focus on relevant subsets of data
  • Analyzing trends and summaries for selections of data
  • Simplifying the data presented to collaborators

How to Instantly Clear All Filters

Once you’ve filtered your sheet, you may eventually want to remove all the filters to once again see all rows/columns.

To instantly clear all filters:

  1. Click on the funnel icon in the toolbar above your sheet Filter icon
  2. Select Clear filter from the drop-down Clear filter

That’s it! All filters are now removed and you can see all rows/columns again.

Selectively Clearing Individual Filters

If you only want to clear one specific filter rather than all of them, you can do that too:

  1. Click on the funnel icon for the column you want to clear
  2. Hover over the criteria and click Clear filter Clear individual filter

Now only that specific filter is removed while any others remain intact.

The Difference Between Filters and Filter Views

There are two types of filters in Google Sheets:

  • Regular filters: These apply globally to the sheet
  • Filter views: These create personalized filter views for each user

The key difference is filter views do not affect what others see, allowing each user to create their own custom filter.

To access filter views, select Filter views under the Data tab.

Clearing Filters on Mobile

You can also clear filters in the Google Sheets mobile app:

On Android/iOS:

  1. Tap the filter icon to open the menu
  2. Tap Clear filter

This will instantly remove all filters, allowing you to see all of your data again on mobile.

Key Takeaways

  • Filters in Google Sheets temporarily hide rows/columns that don’t match criteria you specify
  • You can instantly clear all filters by clicking the clear filter button
  • To selectively remove filters, clear them individually by column
  • Filter views don’t affect what other users see, unlike regular filters
  • Mobile apps also allow you to easily clear filters with one tap

Learning to properly leverage filters can help you better analyze and understand your data. And knowing how to instantly clear them allows you to switch contexts and see the full picture again.


Filters are invaluable for summarizing, analyzing, and making sense of extensive Google Sheet datasets.

And whether you want to clear all filters at once or selectively remove them by column, Google Sheets provides simple options to instantly reset your sheet.

So next time your sheet has so many filters applied that you lose track, you can get back to the full dataset with just one click!

Try clearing filters on your own sheets and let me know if you have any other questions!