How to Play Melodious Songs on the Lyre in Genshin Impact

Key Takeaways:

  • The Windsong Lyre in Genshin Impact allows you to play a variety of songs using different playing techniques
  • Learning basic music theory and rhythm will help you master playing songs on the lyre
  • Many Genshin Impact players have shared lyre song notes online that you can follow to play popular melodies

As an avid Genshin Impact player and musician, I’ve greatly enjoyed the addition of the Windsong Lyre to the game. This unique instrument allows you to play all sorts of melodious songs to entertain yourself and other players. With a bit of practice and by following some tips, you can become a skilled lyre player in no time.

Obtaining and Equipping the Windsong Lyre

The Windsong Lyre was originally available during the Invitation of Windblume event, but you can now obtain the Vintage Lyre gadget at any time. Once you have the lyre, equip it from the Gadgets section of your inventory. When equipped, the lyre interface will appear with different keys mapped to notes.

Basic Lyre Playing Techniques

There are a few fundamental techniques to master when playing the lyre in Genshin Impact:

  • Plucking individual strings – You can play single notes by plucking strings with your thumb, index or middle fingers. Pluck in the direction your fingers are facing for a clean sound.[5]
  • Strumming chords – Playing multiple strings together creates chords. Experiment with different string combinations.[11]
  • Alternating between strings – Use your thumb and other fingers alternately to play melodic patterns and arpeggios smoothly.[2]
  • Rhythm and timing – Follow a consistent rhythm and pluck strings at the right times to properly play a song’s melody. Use rests as well as notes.[16]

Understanding Lyre Notes and Song Sheets

To play actual songs on the lyre, it helps to understand some basic music notation:

  • Lyre notes are mapped to the 7 basic pitches – do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti
  • The notes ascend in order from left to right on the lyre interface
  • Lyre song “sheets” shared online use letter notes (like C, D, E) or key position (like Q, W, E on PC)[10]
  • The sheets also notate rhythm/timing using symbols like dashes, slashes and spaces

Many Genshin Impact community sites have threads and pages where players share lyre song notes for popular songs. Following these “sheets” can help you learn to play recognizable melodies.[6][10]

Mastering Lyre Songs

With the fundamentals down, you can start tackling playing full songs on the lyre. Some tips:

  • Start with simple melodies to get comfortable with the finger positions and timing[7]
  • Practice one section of a song at a time and slowly put the parts together
  • Record and listen to yourself playing to check timing and wrong notes
  • Use both hands if a song has a wide range of pitches
  • Try out different playing techniques like string blocking and harmonics for more advanced songs[2][8]

There are also many video tutorials online that provide lyre playing guides and song note sheets. Watching an experienced player demonstrate a song can make it easier to learn.[4][9]

Popular Genshin Impact Lyre Songs

Here are just a few of the most popular songs Genshin Impact players have adapted for the lyre with note sheets available:

  • Genshin Impact themes like Radiant Dreams and Dawn Winery[10]
  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley[3]
  • “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion[3]
  • The Coffin Dance meme song[10]
  • “Megalovania” from Undertale by Toby Fox[10]
  • “Country Roads” by John Denver[3]

But don’t limit yourself to just playing other people’s lyre adaptations – try creating your own unique covers and original compositions too. The lyre is a great outlet for musical creativity in Genshin Impact.

With dedication and practice, you’ll be serenading friends with beautiful lyre melodies across Teyvat in no time. May your lyre playing forever be melodious!