How to Invite and Add Users to Your Cloudflare Account


Sharing access to your Cloudflare account allows you to collaborate with team members or clients by granting them permissions to specific parts of your account.

There are two main ways to add users:

  • Invite members – Send invite emails to new users to join your account
  • Direct add – Add existing Cloudflare users to your account

You can assign roles and permissions to restrict what members can view or edit in your account.

Benefits of Adding Members

Here are some of the benefits of adding members to your Cloudflare account:

  • Collaborate on configurations – Allow team members to help manage DNS settings, firewall rules, page optimizations, etc.
  • Delegate zone management – Assign zone admin roles to let other users manage specific domains
  • Get help from support – Temporarily grant access to Cloudflare support to troubleshoot issues
  • Share billing access – Let your finance team view and manage billing details
  • Enforce security policies – Require team members to use two-factor authentication

Member Roles and Permissions

Cloudflare uses a role-based access control system to manage member permissions. Each role grants access to specific account or zone-level capabilities.

Account-Level Roles

Account-wide roles apply permissions across your entire Cloudflare account:

  • Super Administrator – Full account access and management
  • Administrator – Full account access except billing and memberships
  • Read Only – View account configurations but cannot edit
  • Analytics – Access analytics data
  • Billing – Manage billing details and subscriptions

Zone-Level Roles

Zone-specific roles only grant access to certain domains:

  • Zone Administrator – Full control over a specific domain
  • Zone DNS – Manage DNS settings for a domain
  • Zone Cache Purge – Purge cache for a domain

You can also create custom roles with more advanced permission sets.

Steps to Add a Member

Follow these steps to invite a new member to your Cloudflare account:

  1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Go to Manage Account > Members
  3. Click Invite Members
  4. Enter the email address(es) to invite
  5. Select the account or zone-level roles
  6. Click Invite

The invited user will receive an email to join your account.

To add an existing Cloudflare user, click Direct Add and search for their email address instead.

Best Practices

Consider these best practices when adding members:

  • Start members with minimum permissions and increase as needed
  • Use groups to manage multiple users under one policy
  • Enforce two-factor authentication for better security
  • Create domain groups to easily reuse zone permissions
  • Review audit logs to monitor member actions
  • Revoke access from inactive members

Advanced Management

For teams with multiple accounts, Cloudflare Enterprise offers additional tools like SAML single sign-on and SCIM provisioning to manage members.

The Cloudflare API can also automate user management tasks like adding, updating or removing account members.


Adding members to your Cloudflare account unlocks collaboration capabilities and delegated management of domains. Carefully plan permission policies and use groups to scale access controls for multiple users. Consider enforcing two-factor authentication to boost security.


Based on the search results, here is a summary of key information about inviting and adding users to a Cloudflare account:

  • There are two main ways to add users – invite new members via email or directly add existing Cloudflare users (Result 1, 6)
  • You can assign predefined or custom roles to control permissions for account-wide or zone-specific access (Results 1, 5, 15)
  • Consider best practices like granting minimum permissions, using groups, and enforcing 2FA for better security (Result 13)
  • For larger teams, Cloudflare Enterprise offers additional management tools like SSO and SCIM provisioning (Result 16)
  • The Cloudflare API can also automate tasks like adding, updating or removing members programmatically (Result 16)

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!