How to Join a Group Chat in Line

Line is a popular messaging and calling app that allows users to communicate with friends and family. One of Line’s key features is the ability to create and participate in group chats. Group chats allow multiple Line users to communicate in the same conversation.

Why Join a Line Group Chat

There are many benefits to joining Line group chats:

  • Connect with people who share common interests: Line has group chats for almost every interest and hobby imaginable. Joining groups related to your hobbies is a great way to connect with like-minded people.
  • Get updates and information: Many group chats serve as communication hubs for clubs, teams, schools, etc. Join these groups to stay current on news and events.
  • Make new friends: Group chats make it easy to meet and befriend new people, even if you’ve never met them in person.
  • Collaborate on projects: Group chats allow for seamless collaboration. Easily bounce ideas off one another and work together on documents.

How to Find and Join Line Groups

There are a few ways to find and join groups on Line:

Get Invited by a Current Member

The easiest way to join a private Line group is to get an invitation from someone who is already a member. Current members can send you a direct invite link or QR code.

Once you receive the invite:

  1. Tap the invite link on your phone. This will open the Line app.
  2. Review the group details and tap “Join” to join the group.

That’s it! You’ll be automatically added to the group.

Search Online Forums and Groups

Hundreds of public Line groups have links and QR codes posted online. Try searching on forums like Reddit or Facebook groups to find codes for groups relevant to your interests.

Once you have a code, follow the same steps above to join the group.

Search Within the Line App (Public Groups Only)

The Line app has a search feature that allows you to browse public groups you can join:

  1. Open the Line app.
  2. Tap on the “Groups” tab.
  3. Tap the search icon and type in keywords related to your interests.
  4. Browse group results and tap “Join” on any you wish to join.

Note that this method only works for public groups. Private groups won’t show up in search results.

Creating Your Own Line Group

If you want to create your own Line group, it only takes a few taps:

  1. Open the Line app and tap the speech bubble icon to access your chats.
  2. Tap “Group” at the bottom.
  3. Tap the “+” icon to create a new group.
  4. Select the friends you want to add from your contacts list.
  5. Give the group a name and photo, then tap “Create.”

Once created, you can start adding content like photos, events, notes, and inviting new members.

As the group creator, you take on the admin role and can manage settings like membership approvals and group privacy.

Tips for Managing Line Groups

As a group member or admin, keep these tips in mind:

  • Review group rules and be respectful: Every group has its own rules and dynamics. Review any pinned rules/notes and avoid spamming.
  • Keep messages relevant: Don’t post irrelevant links or have side conversations. Stick to the group topic so you don’t annoy other members.
  • Limit notifications: Adjust notification settings if a busy group is overwhelming. You can mute or unfollow if needed.
  • Report problems: If you see harassment, spam, or anything against Line policy, report it to admins.
  • Leave respectfully: If you decide to leave a group, first check if there is a proper way to exit noted in the rules.

Joining Line Groups on Desktop

Line has desktop apps for Windows and Mac that provide the full group chat experience:

  1. Download the Line app for desktop from Line’s website.
  2. Log into Line on desktop using your existing Line account. All your contacts and groups will sync over.
  3. Click on the “Groups” tab on the left sidebar to access your groups.
  4. Join additional groups right from desktop by following the same methods above.

The desktop app makes managing multiple group conversations even more convenient. You can seamlessly switch between group chats in different windows.


Joining Line groups is a fun way to meet people, get updated information, and discuss shared interests. With group management tools and desktop apps, larger groups are easy to navigate as well. Follow the guide above to start connecting with more Line users through group chats.