How to Level Up Fast and Gain XP Efficiently in Raid: Shadow Legends

Key takeaways:

  • Focus on farming the highest stage of the campaign you can clear consistently with your best champion and three food champions.
  • Utilize XP boosts to maximize your experience gains during farming sessions.
  • Participate in events and tournaments to earn additional resources and rewards that can help you level up faster.
  • Prioritize ranking up your main champions to 6-stars to progress further in the game.

Leveling up champions is a crucial aspect of progressing in Raid: Shadow Legends. As you advance through the game, you’ll need stronger champions to tackle harder content like dungeons, faction wars, and the arena. In this guide, we’ll cover the most efficient ways to level up your champions and gain experience points (XP) quickly.

Campaign Farming

The primary method for leveling champions is by farming the campaign stages. The higher the stage, the more XP you’ll earn per run. The most efficient stage for XP farming is stage 12-3 on Brutal difficulty, as it provides the best XP per energy spent ratio.

To maximize your XP gains, use your strongest champion as the campaign farmer and fill the remaining slots with food champions (1-star or 2-star champions that you plan to use as rank-up material). This way, your farmer can carry the team while the food champions soak up the XP.

Here’s a table comparing the XP gained per energy spent on different campaign difficulties:

DifficultyXP per Energy

As you can see, Brutal difficulty provides the best balance between XP gained and energy cost. Nightmare difficulty offers slightly more XP per energy, but the stages are much harder to clear consistently.

XP Boosts

Using XP boosts is essential for efficient leveling. These boosts double the amount of XP earned from campaign battles, dungeons, and faction wars. You can obtain XP boosts from various sources, including:

  • Daily login rewards
  • Challenges and missions
  • Events and tournaments
  • Clan Boss chests
  • Gem shop purchases

Always try to have an XP boost active when farming, as it significantly reduces the time and energy required to level up your champions.

Events and Tournaments

Participating in events and tournaments is another great way to earn resources that can help you level up faster. Some events, like Champion Training, offer bonus XP for ranking up champions during the event period. Others, like Dungeon Divers, provide energy refills and XP boosts as rewards for reaching certain milestones.

Keep an eye on the events tab and plan your farming sessions accordingly to maximize your rewards. Don’t forget to claim your prizes before the event ends!

Ranking Up Champions

To progress further in Raid: Shadow Legends, you’ll need to rank up your main champions to 6-stars. This process requires a lot of food champions, so it’s essential to farm them efficiently.

Here’s a step-by-step process for ranking up champions:

  1. Level up 2-star champions to level 20 and rank them up to 3-stars using other 2-star champions.
  2. Level up 3-star champions to level 30 and rank them up to 4-stars using three 3-star champions.
  3. Level up 4-star champions to level 40 and rank them up to 5-stars using four 4-star champions.
  4. Finally, level up a 5-star champion to level 50 and rank them up to 6-stars using five 5-star champions.

This process may seem daunting at first, but with consistent farming and proper resource management, you’ll be able to create a strong roster of 6-star champions.

Optimizing Your Farming Team

To make your campaign farming runs as efficient as possible, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a champion with strong AoE (area of effect) abilities as your farmer to clear waves quickly.
  • Equip your farmer with lifesteal gear to sustain themselves through longer farming sessions.
  • Use champions with an aura that increases attack or critical rate in the leader slot to boost your farmer’s damage output.
  • If you have a strong legendary or epic champion, prioritize ranking them up first, as they can help you progress faster in all areas of the game.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to leveling up champions. Set aside some time each day to farm campaign stages and work towards ranking up your main champions. With patience and dedication, you’ll soon have a powerful team ready to take on any challenge in Raid: Shadow Legends.


What’s the fastest way to level up my account in Raid: Shadow Legends?

The fastest way to level up your account is by consistently playing the game and completing daily quests, weekly quests, and monthly quests. Participating in events and tournaments also grants account XP, so make sure to join them whenever possible.

Should I use my gems to buy energy refills for farming?

If you’re a low-spender or free-to-play player, it’s generally better to save your gems for buying masteries for your main champions. However, if you have a surplus of gems and want to speed up your progress, buying energy refills during XP boost periods can be a good investment.

Is it worth farming lower-level campaign stages for specific gear sets?

In most cases, it’s better to focus on farming the highest stage you can clear consistently, as it provides the best XP and silver gains. However, if you desperately need a specific gear set for your champion, farming lower stages can be a temporary solution until you’re strong enough to tackle higher difficulties.

How often should I use XP boosts?

Ideally, you should always have an XP boost active when farming campaign stages, dungeons, or faction wars. Try to plan your farming sessions around your XP boost duration to maximize your gains. If you’re running low on boosts, make sure to participate in events and tournaments that offer them as rewards.