How to Make and Share Music Playlists on Amazon Echo Show Smart Displays

The Amazon Echo Show smart displays offer a great way to listen to music. With their built-in speakers and screens, you can not only hear your favorite songs but also view lyrics, album art, and more as you listen.

One of the best features of the Echo Show for music lovers is the ability to create custom playlists that fit your mood or activity. Whether you want to make a relaxing playlist for reading or an upbeat mix for your next party, it’s easy to put together playlists on the Echo Show.

Connect Music Services to the Echo Show

Before creating playlists, you first need to connect your preferred music service to your Echo Show. The device supports several popular streaming platforms:

  • Amazon Music – Included with an Amazon Prime membership or available as a standalone subscription
  • Spotify – Requires a free or premium account
  • Apple Music – Requires a paid subscription
  • Pandora – Requires a free or paid account

To link these services:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone
  2. Go to Settings > Music & Podcasts
  3. Select “Link New Service” and choose your streaming platform
  4. Sign in with your account credentials to link it

Once connected, you can access your music libraries, customized stations, and more on your Echo Show.

Create a Playlist Using Your Voice

Thanks to Alexa voice controls, building a playlist is quick and hands-free. Just follow these steps:

  1. Say “Alexa, create a playlist”
  2. When Alexa asks you to name it, provide a title for your playlist
  3. Say “Alexa, add to my playlist” each time you want to add a song. Make sure to specify the song name and playlist name.

Alexa will continue adding songs until you tell it to stop. You can keep adding to the playlist over time in the same way.

Build Playlists in the Amazon Music App

For more control over your playlists, use the Amazon Music app on your mobile device.

  1. Open the app and select “Library”
  2. Tap “Playlists” > “Create New Playlist”
  3. Enter a name and description, then tap “Create Playlist”
  4. Use search to find songs and select “Add to Playlist” to add them
  5. Reorder or remove songs as needed

The new playlists sync automatically with your Echo Show.

Share Music Playlists with Family and Friends

One of the most useful features Amazon added recently is the ability to share playlists with others. As long as the recipients have Alexa devices linked to the same music service, you can send them your custom playlists.

Here’s how to share a playlist from your Echo Show:

  1. Say “Alexa, share this with [contact name]”
  2. Specify the contact you want to share with when prompted
  3. The playlist will appear instantly on the other person’s Alexa app or Echo Show

It’s a fun way to let your friends and family enjoy your favorite musical finds!

Use Playlists to Set the Mood

Music playlists are extremely versatile – you can create tailored mixes for activities, moods, genres or eras.

Reading Playlists

When you want to get lost in a book, make a playlist of soft acoustic or classical tunes. The ambient sounds will keep you focused without being distracting.

Dinner Party Playlists

Entertaining guests? Set the tone with popular songs from the decades or a world music mix that fits your menu.

Kids’ Playlists

Keep little ones entertained with kid-friendly playlists full of lullabies, singalongs, and soundtracks from their favorite shows and movies.

Romantic Playlists

Plan a special evening for you and your significant other with a playlist of love songs old and new.

No matter why you want music, the Echo Show makes it simple to customize playlists for the moment.

Use Alexa Voice Commands to Control Playback

Once you start playing a playlist, you can manage the audio entirely through Alexa without ever touching the Echo Show screen. Useful voice commands include:

  • “Alexa, next song”
  • “Alexa, restart this song”
  • “Alexa, turn it up” / “turn it down”
  • “Alexa, pause” / “resume”
  • “Alexa, shuffle playlist”

This allows you to go about your activities hands-free while still enjoying your custom playlists.


With the ability to access multiple music libraries, create custom playlists by voice or app, share mixes with others, and control playback hands-free, the Echo Show is a music-lover’s dream device. Use it to set just the right mood for reading, parties, romance, or relaxation. Thanks to Alexa voice technology, your Echo Show can provide the perfect soundtrack to your day.