How To Make Peacock TV Video Player Display Fullscreen Properly

Peacock TV is a popular streaming service from NBCUniversal that offers thousands of hours of on-demand shows, movies, and live sports. However, some users have reported issues with getting the Peacock video player to display properly in fullscreen mode. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help fix this problem.

Common Causes of Fullscreen Issues on Peacock

There are a few common reasons why the Peacock video player may not enter or remain in fullscreen mode:

  • Browser/App Zoom Settings: Browsers and apps often have zoom settings enabled that can prevent fullscreen video from displaying properly.
  • Display Size Settings: Some devices allow you to manually set the display size, which can cause scaling issues in fullscreen.
  • Outdated App: An outdated version of the Peacock app may have bugs that disrupt fullscreen functionality.
  • Internet Connection: A slow/unreliable internet connection can disrupt video streaming and cause fullscreen issues.
  • Hardware Acceleration: GPU acceleration features, if enabled, can sometimes conflict with fullscreen video.

Solutions and Fixes

Here are some suggested solutions to try if you are having issues getting Peacock videos to display properly in fullscreen:

Disable Browser/App Zoom

  • Most browsers and apps have a zoom or magnification feature that lets you scale up page and text size. Disable this as it can prevent fullscreen video from working properly.

Adjust Display Size Settings

  • On smart TVs, media players, and mobile devices, check if there is a display size or picture setting that has been manually adjusted. Reset it back to default/auto to allow fullscreen video to display correctly.

Update to Latest Version of App

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the Peacock app from your device’s app store. Updates often include bug fixes for fullscreen-related issues.

Check Internet Connection Quality

  • Problems like buffering and lower video quality can disrupt the fullscreen experience. Make sure you have a fast, stable internet connection when trying to watch Peacock videos in fullscreen.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

  • On computers, you may need to disable GPU acceleration features in your browser settings or video player app to allow fullscreen video to work properly without conflicts.

Clear App Data/Cache

  • For mobile apps, clearing the app data and cache can sometimes help resolve fullscreen glitches and issues. Just be aware you may need to login again.

Restart Your Device

  • As a last resort, completely powering off and restarting your device can clear any software glitches preventing fullscreen video playback.

Tips for Improved Fullscreen Experience

Here are some general tips to help ensure the best fullscreen video experience when watching Peacock:

  • Use Ethernet instead of WiFi whenever possible for faster, more reliable connectivity.
  • Close other apps and programs to devote more processing power to Peacock streaming.
  • Disable notifications and power settings that could interrupt fullscreen video.
  • Use updated apps and devices for the best compatibility with Peacock’s video player.
  • Don’t multitask while watching fullscreen video, as this can impact performance.

Contacting Support

If you continue having issues with getting Peacock to play properly in fullscreen mode after trying the above solutions, you should contact Peacock customer support for further troubleshooting assistance.

Be prepared to provide details like your device specs, OS/software version, Peacock app version, and any error messages you are seeing. Capturing a video of the problem in action can also help support diagnose and resolve your fullscreen issues faster.


With the above troubleshooting guide, you should now have several methods to try getting fullscreen video working properly again in Peacock TV. Start with simple fixes like app updates and connectivity checks first. For trickier cases where fullscreen bugs persist, don’t hesitate to leverage Peacock’s customer support agents to help get your streaming experience back on track.