How to Make Your Samsung Soundbar Play Louder

A Samsung soundbar can provide a major audio upgrade to your TV viewing experience. However, some users report issues with low maximum volume from their soundbar, struggling to fill larger rooms at an adequate listening level.

Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to help your Samsung soundbar play louder. This guide will walk through common reasons for insufficient volume and how to optimize settings for louder, room-filling sound.

Check TV Audio Output Settings

Before troubleshooting the soundbar itself, verify your TV audio output is actually set to use the external Samsung soundbar speaker.

On your TV remote:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Sound > Sound Output
  2. Select your Samsung soundbar model as the audio output device.

If your TV sound output was incorrectly set to the internal TV speakers, this switch will send audio to the correct external soundbar resulting in louder sound.

Change Digital Audio Format to PCM

The TV’s digital audio signal format transmitted to the soundbar can limit perceived volume if set incorrectly.

To maximize loudness:

  1. Go to TV Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Digital Output Audio Format
  2. Change from the default Dolby Digital to PCM.

PCM is an uncompressed audio signal which allows your soundbar amplifier to reproduce the loudest possible sound levels.

Check Soundbar Source Input

When connected to a TV via HDMI-ARC or optical cable, ensure your Samsung soundbar input source is set correctly.

Using the soundbar remote:

  1. Press the Source button
  2. Toggle to and select the corresponding audio input linked to your TV:
  • D.IN for HDMI ARC
  • D.IN or Optical for optical cable

Setting the proper source input ensures your soundbar plays audio received from the connected TV.

Increase Soundbar Bass/Woofer Levels

Since perceived loudness also relates to low-frequency bass sound reproduction, you can boost your soundbar’s bass output.

Using the remote:

  1. Press Sound Mode
  2. Select Standard audio mode
  3. Press and hold the Settings button for 5+ seconds to access advanced audio options
  4. Increase Woofer and Bass levels to +4 or higher

Raising bass creates a louder, more immersive soundbar experience.

Check for Firmware Updates

Outdated software can limit functionality – updating your soundbar firmware ensures compatibility and unlocks all available features.

To update:

  1. In SmartThings app, go to soundbar settings
  2. Select Software Update and install newest firmware

Updates often resolve volume issues and improve performance.

Factory Reset Soundbar

If other troubleshooting steps don’t solve quiet volume problems, resetting all settings may help.

To reset:

  1. Press and hold the soundbar Mic button for 10+ seconds
  2. Once reset, re-configure audio settings from scratch

Factory resetting will erase customized configurations potentially causing low volume and allows you to start fresh.

Contact Samsung Support

For persistent low volume even after trying these troubleshooting tips, contact Samsung Support online or by phone. Tech support can further diagnose issues and provide advanced solutions.


A Samsung soundbar playing too quietly can ruin your listening experience but is usually fixable through settings adjustments. By verifying TV audio output configuration, updating soundbar firmware, changing digital signal format, increasing bass levels, factory resetting, and contacting Samsung Support, you can make your Samsung soundbar play louder for room-filling sound.