How to Minimize All Windows

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With more computing power and extra memory, it’s easy for us to get our desktop cluttered with multiple programs running simultaneously. It might be even worse on a triple monitor setup as multitasking is highly incentivized.

Sometimes you want to minimize all of these programs but don’t want to spend more than one second dealing with them. Especially when a supervisor approaches you at work and you don’t want to get caught for doing unrelated things.

Thankfully, in Windows, there are multiple shortcuts you could use to quickly minimize all windows. You may even exclude the active one which is surprisingly helpful for a multi-monitor setup.

Now, take a look at these shortcuts!

Press Windows+M to minimize all windows

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The first shortcut you could try is Windows+M. It would minimize all windows while showing a quick animation so you would know where they are all located.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the same shortcut to reopen minimized windows. If you need to get back in an instant, try the next shortcut.

Press Windows+D to minimize all windows and back quickly

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Windows+D is a quick way to minimize all windows and can be used to reopen them again. It arguably feels snappier as no animation is involved. And since both keys are located rather close, you may find it easier to use with one hand.

Press Windows+Home to minimize all windows except for the active one

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Windows+Home is especially used to minimize other windows and keep the active one remain, well, active. I found this shortcut is extremely helpful on my triple monitor setup. But a single-monitor user could still get the same benefit.

Similar to the previous combination, Windows+Home can also be used to reopen recently minimized windows.