How to Mix and Mashup Two Songs Together in Same TikTok Video

TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing short video clips set to music. Many TikTok creators are getting creative with mixing and mashing up multiple songs together in their videos to make them more engaging. While TikTok doesn’t have a built-in feature for adding multiple songs to a video, there are a few workarounds you can use.

Why Add Multiple Songs?

Adding more than one song to a TikTok video can help make it more dynamic and interesting. Using two complementary songs can allow you to tell a more complex story or make transitions and edits between scenes. It also allows you to feature multiple music artists in one video. Mashups and remixes are very popular on TikTok as well – combining elements of two songs into one new creation.

Challenges of Mixing Multiple Songs

Mixing two songs together comes with some technical challenges:

  • Audio levels – Getting the volume levels right between both songs takes some careful balancing. One song shouldn’t overpower the other.
  • Clashing keys or tempos – The two songs need to work well together musically so they don’t sound discordant when played simultaneously.
  • Timing edits – Aligning changes from one song to the other requires precision editing to make the transitions seamless.

With some audio editing tricks, these challenges can be overcome to create a great final product.

Software Tools for Mixing Songs

To combine multiple songs for TikTok, you’ll need access to an audio or video editing app. Here are some options:


FlexClip is a full-featured online video editor with advanced audio tools perfect for mixing music. With FlexClip you can:

  • Import multiple songs and sound effects
  • Trim, split, and combine audio tracks
  • Adjust volume levels
  • Add custom fades and transitions
  • Export videos optimized for TikTok

Benefits: Very intuitive interface, no software download required

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is the industry standard video editing software for professionals. Although there is a learning curve, it provides unparalleled mixing capabilities:

  • Import unlimited audio tracks
  • Advanced editing tools like keyframing
  • Hundreds of professional effects and transitions
  • Fine-tune audio envelopes and EQ
  • Export videos for any format or platform

Benefits: Maximum flexibility and control for complex projects

Drawbacks: Steep learning curve, monthly subscription required


Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing program with powerful mixing features:

  • Combine unlimited tracks
  • Apply effects like compression and reverb
  • Includes editing tools like cut, copy, paste
  • Supports exporting mixed tracks

Benefits: Totally free, easy to learn

Drawbacks: Designed just for audio, no video capabilities

Steps to Mix Songs in FlexClip

Here is a step-by-step guide to mixing two songs together for TikTok using the FlexClip editor:

1. Import Media

  • Upload your video clip to FlexClip
  • Click the “Add Media Files” button
  • Select the two song files you want to mix

2. Add to Timeline

  • Drag each song file onto separate audio tracks on the timeline
  • You can have up to 8 tracks for sound effects, voiceovers, etc.

3. Trim Audio

  • Shorten your songs to only the portions you want to use
  • Click the scissors icon on the timeline to cut the beginning or end

4. Adjust Levels

  • Drag the volume sliders up or down to balance the two songs
  • Use keyframes for volume automation to duck songs

5. Align Beat Points

  • Zoom the timeline in close
  • Cut and shift the song tracks so major beats are aligned

6. Add Transitions

  • Use fades or crossfades between song changes
  • This helps smooth the transitions

7. Export Video

  • Click the “Export” button
  • Select “TikTok” as the target platform
  • Upload to TikTok from your camera roll

Creative Ideas for Mixing Songs

Once you understand the basics of combining songs, get creative with these ideas:

  • Mashup different genres – Try blending a rap song with a pop song. The contrast can be cool!
  • Layer acapellas – Isolate vocal tracks from songs and mix them over new instrumentals.
  • Custom transitions – Align song changes to cuts in the video for seamless scene changes.
  • Tell a story – Use lyrical snippets from both songs to put together a message.
  • Enhance emotions – Mix a somber song with an upbeat song to heighten feelings.
  • Add sound effects – Use whooshes, echoes, and other elements to accent transitions.

Blending songs together for TikTok takes some practice, but the effort is worth it. The more you experiment with mixing and editing techniques, the better your videos will become! With the right software and creativity, you can produce truly unique mashups tailored perfectly for the TikTok audience.