How to Multitask With Split Screen View on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular for their affordability, portability, and ease of use. One handy feature on Chromebooks is the ability to use split screen view for efficient multitasking. Here is a guide on how to leverage split screen capabilities on a Chromebook.

What is Split Screen View?

Split screen view allows you to view two windows side-by-side on the Chromebook screen. This is useful for referencing information from one window while working in the other, monitoring updates from a separate window, comparing documents or webpages, and other productivity use cases requiring visibility into multiple items simultaneously.

Benefits of Using Split Screen

  • Multitasking – Work across multiple windows without having to toggle back and forth.
  • Productivity – Accomplish more by efficiently leveraging screen real estate.
  • Dual displays – Simulate a dual monitor setup on your Chromebook screen.
  • Research – Easily reference information from one window into content you are creating in the other.

How to Activate Split Screen View

There are a few methods to activate split screen mode on a Chromebook:

1. Keyboard Shortcut

The fastest way is via keyboard shortcut:

  • Select the window you want in split screen.
  • Hold the Alt key and press the [ key to snap that window to the left side.
  • Select the other desired window.
  • Hold Alt and press the ] key to snap the second window to the available space on the right.

2. Drag and Drop

You can also drag and drop windows into split screen position:

  • Open the two windows you want in split screen mode.
  • Click and drag one window to the left or right side until you see the split screen outline appear.
  • Drop the window along the edge for it to snap into place.
  • Click the second window to automatically fill the remaining space.

3. Overview Mode

Use Overview Mode to easily manage split screen:

  • Press the Overview button (square icon) to see all open windows.
  • Drag one window to the side until you see the split screen outline.
  • Select the second window to fill the available space.

Customizing Split Screen

Once you have two windows in split screen mode, you have a few options to customize the view:

  • Resize windows – Drag the divider in the center to adjust sizing of each window.
  • Swap windows – Click either window and select a different available window to replace it.
  • Exit split screen – Drag a window out of split screen position to return it to a regular window.

Tips for Using Split Screen Effectively

  • Open your most used apps and websites on the Chromebook shelf for quick access.
  • Organize windows logically, such as email on one side and documents on the other.
  • Try not to open too many resource-intensive apps simultaneously in split screen.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly invoke split screen view.

Leveraging split screen capabilities makes Chromebooks even more convenient for tackling productivity tasks on the go. Follow the guide above to master this useful feature.