How to Obtain a Refund and Get Your Credits Back on Audiobook Service Audible

Audible is the world’s largest seller and producer of audiobooks. With over 200,000 titles in its library, it offers users a vast selection to choose from. However, sometimes you may purchase a book that you end up not enjoying. In that case, Audible does allow returns and exchanges within 365 days of purchase. Here is what you need to know about getting a refund or credits back when returning Audible books:

Eligibility for Returns

To be eligible for a return, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Audible Premium Plus member – Audible has two tiers of membership – Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. Only Premium Plus members can return books.
  • Book must have been purchased with credits – Books bought on sale or with a credit card are not eligible for return. Only ones purchased with monthly Audible credits can be returned.
  • Return must be within 365 days of purchase – You have up to one year after buying an audiobook to return it.

How to Initiate a Return

Returning an Audible book you don’t want is simple. Here are the steps:

On the Audible Website

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Click on “Account Details”
  3. Select “Purchase History”
  4. Find the audiobook you want to return and click “Return”
  5. Confirm the return

On the Audible App

  1. Open the Audible app and tap the “Profile” icon
  2. Go to “Your Account” then “Purchase History”
  3. Tap the 3 dots next to the audiobook and choose “Return”
  4. Confirm the return

Once you complete the steps, it takes Audible 1-2 days to process the return.

Refund Types

The type of refund or reimbursement you get depends on how you originally purchased the book:

  • Credit purchases – Get your credit back to use on another book
  • Gift or coupon purchases – Get a new gift credit or coupon

Refunded credits expire 365 days after they are issued.

Tips for Smooth Returns

To avoid issues when returning Audible books, keep these tips in mind:

  • Audible monitors return activity to prevent abuse. Avoid returning too many books or returning books after almost finishing them.
  • To exchange a book, you must be an active Audible member. If your membership lapses, you can only return for a refund.
  • If you run into problems, contact Audible customer support for assistance.

Audible’s Return Policy

Audible wants customers to be fully satisfied with their audiobook purchases. Key details on their official return policy include:

  • 365-day return window – Customers have up to one year after buying a book to return it.
  • Return method must match purchase method – So if you used a credit, you get a credit back rather than a cash refund.
  • No returns for credit card purchases – Only books bought with credits, coupons, or gifts are eligible for return.
  • Limits to prevent abuse – Audible monitors activity and may limit returns if they notice abuse or excessive returns.

Review the full Audible return policy on their website for more specifics.

What If My Book Is Not Eligible for Return?

If your book does not meet the criteria for a return, you unfortunately cannot get a refund or your credits back. Since Audible is a subscription service, purchases are considered final sale. However, you can take other steps if you are unsatisfied, such as:

  • Leave a poor review to warn other listeners
  • Contact the publisher or author directly to provide feedback
  • Vent your frustrations on social media or forums
  • Cancel your Audible membership if you are no longer happy with the service

While not ideal, remember that even the best services will have some bad titles. Don’t let one bad audiobook ruin Audible forever.

Alternatives to Audible for Audiobook Refunds

If Audible’s strict return policy is frustrating, check out their competition. Other top audiobook apps may offer more flexibility:

  • Scribd – Offers unlimited listening for a flat monthly fee. If you don’t like a book, just skip it.
  • – Get no questions asked refunds within 7 days of purchase.
  • Downpour – Returns allowed within a year for any reason.
  • Chirp – 100% satisfaction guarantee with easy returns.

Explore all your options if you want more refund flexibility. Audible sticks firmly to their 365-day policy with credits only.


Returning unwanted Audible audiobooks is straightforward as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. You can get your credit back or a new coupon when you return a title you don’t want. Just initiate the process through your account within 365 days. And if Audible’s strict policies frustrate you, check out alternative audiobook services that offer more flexible refunds.