How to Obtain Acquaint and Intertwined Wishes in Genshin Impact

Wishes are an integral part of Genshin Impact’s gacha system that allows players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other rewards. There are two main types of wishes in the game – Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates. Understanding how to acquire these wishes efficiently is key to getting the most out of the gacha system.

Acquaint Fates

Acquaint Fates are used for the permanent Wanderlust Invocation banner. Here are some of the best ways to obtain Acquaint Fates:

Adventure Rank Rewards

  • You get 2 Acquaint Fates for each Adventure Rank ascension, up to AR 55. That’s 16 fates total from AR rewards.

Quests and Events

  • Certain limited-time events and quest chains like Sacred Sakura’s Favor provide some Acquaint Fates as rewards.

Paimon’s Bargains Shop

  • You can directly purchase 5 Acquaint Fates per month from the shop using Stardust.

Battle Pass

  • The paid Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass tracks provide a few Acquaint Fates from leveling up.

Stardust Exchange

  • Excess Masterless Stardust gained from wishes can be exchanged for Acquaint Fates with no limit.

Intertwined Fates

Intertwined Fates are required for the limited character event wish banners. Here are some tips to get more Intertwined Fates:

Events and Codes

  • Time-limited events, web events, livestreams, and redemption codes provide some free Intertwined Fates.

Spiral Abyss

  • Clearing floors 9-12 of the Spiral Abyss provides 50-100 Primogems per chamber.

Daily Commissions

  • Doing the daily commissions regularly can add up over time. That’s 60 primos per day.


  • Thoroughly exploring the open world, finding chests, completing quests all provide one-time Primogems.

Genesis Crystals

  • You can directly purchase Genesis Crystals and convert them to Primogems to wish. But this costs real money.

Paimon’s Bargains Shop

  • The monthly shop resets provide 5 Intertwined Fates that can be purchased with Stardust.

Optimizing Wishes

Here are some tips to optimize your wishes in Genshin Impact:

  • Track your wish history and pity count from the history page. Know when you are close to soft pity (75 wishes) or hard pity (90 wishes).
  • Maintain separate pity counts for the limited character event banners and the permanent banner. They have separate pity counters.
  • Prioritize wishing on the limited character event banners that feature characters you really want. The 5-star characters on these banners have tremendous value compared to the permanent banner.
  • Wish strategically around the pity thresholds to maximize your chances of getting a 5-star character. Use single pulls when you are close to 75 or 90 pulls.
  • As a free-to-play player, spend your Primogems judiciously. Save enough to guarantee the 5-star rate-up character from the event banner.
  • Make use of the Epitomized Path on the weapon banner to guarantee one of the two featured 5-star weapons after getting two 5-stars from the banner.
  • Consider spending some money to purchase Genesis Crystals or Welkin Moon if you wish frequently. But set a reasonable limit for yourself.

With proper planning and some luck, you can build up a solid roster of characters and weapons in Genshin Impact as a free-to-play player. Maintain wish journals, track pity counts, spend Primogems wisely and utilize the pity system mechanics to optimize your wishes.