How to Obtain the Water Bolt Weapon in Terraria Game

The Water Bolt is one of the most powerful magic weapons available in the early and mid-game of Terraria. It can carry players through much of the pre-Hardmode content. Here is a guide on how to obtain this excellent weapon.

What is the Water Bolt?

The Water Bolt is a magic weapon that auto-fires slow, blue, ricocheting water balls that travel in straight lines. It emits dim light and does not consume any mana.

Some key features of the Water Bolt:

  • Deals 26 magic damage
  • Very fast speed
  • Average knockback
  • Can bounce off blocks up to 7 times
  • Pierces multiple enemies
  • Emits light underwater

This combination of high damage, speed, crowd control, and piercing ability makes it extremely effective against groups of enemies. It remains viable even against some Hardmode enemies.

Where to Find the Water Bolt

The Water Bolt can only be found in Dungeon bookshelves, disguised as a book. It cannot be crafted, purchased, or found in chests.

To obtain it:

  • Explore the Dungeon, searching bookshelves
  • Mine any bookshelves you find to expose their contents
  • The Water Bolt has a 14.29% chance to replace one book
  • Keep searching until you find the Water Bolt

Pro Tip: Save any suspicious looking books you find, in case it turns out to be the Water Bolt!

Using the Water Bolt Effectively

The Water Bolt excels when used against groups of enemies, especially in enclosed spaces. Its piercing ability and bouncing projectiles wreak havoc on hordes.

Some tips:

  • Fire down tunnels to hit enemies multiple times
  • Bounce shots off walls to hit enemies from unexpected angles
  • Use sparingly against single strong enemies, due to the low knockback
  • Combine with mana boosting equipment so you can spam shots

Why the Water Bolt is So Good

Here are some key reasons why the Water Bolt is considered one of the best early game weapons:

  • Available very early from Dungeon
  • Extremely high damage for its tier
  • Crowd control through piercing and bouncing
  • Remains very viable even in early Hardmode
  • Low mana usage means it can be spammed

Its early availability coupled with high damage and crowd control gives players a huge leg up as they progress through the game.

Few other weapons can match its performance until well into Hardmode. It is no wonder the Water Bolt is so highly sought after!

In Summary

The Water Bolt is an S-tier magic weapon available very early from Dungeon bookshelves. Its high damage, piercing shots, and bouncing projectiles make short work of enemy crowds. It can carry players for much of the pre-Hardmode game.

Obtaining one requires some Dungeon exploration and luck. But the effort pays off manifold once you acquire this excellent weapon!