How to Play As Ninja Character Genji in Overwatch Multiplayer

Overview of Genji’s Abilities and Playstyle

Genji is a highly mobile damage hero in Overwatch, specializing in flanking enemies and securing kills on vulnerable backline targets like healers. Here’s an overview of his kit:

  • Shurikens (Primary Fire): Genji throws three accurate shurikens in quick succession. This is his main source of ranged damage.
  • Fan of Blades (Alternate Fire): Genji throws three shurikens simultaneously in a wide spread pattern, ideal for close range.
  • Swift Strike: Genji dashes forward rapidly, passing through enemies and dealing damage. Getting a kill resets its cooldown.
  • Deflect: Genji takes a defensive stance, reflecting all projectiles for a few seconds.
  • Cyber Agility (Passive): Genji can double jump and climb up walls and ledges.
  • Dragonblade (Ultimate): Genji unsheathes his sword, gaining increased movement speed and able to deliver devastating melee strikes for a short duration.

Genji excels at using his mobility to engage isolated targets, quickly secure kills, and escape unharmed. He is best played as a flanker who attacks from unexpected angles and avoids direct confrontations. Mastering both his movement and aim is key to playing Genji effectively.

Tips for Playing an Effective Genji

Here are some key tips to excel at Genji:

Use Your Mobility

  • Double jump and wall climb to reach unexpected angles of attack and evade enemies.
  • Flank isolated, vulnerable targets like Widowmaker or Ana.
  • Use Swift Strike to engage, secure kills or escape.
  • Stay unpredictable and mobile during battles to avoid damage.

Master Deflect

  • Use Deflect to protect yourself from burst damage.
  • Bait enemies into shooting at your Deflect.
  • Deflect key enemy abilities like Helix Rockets or Fire Strike back at them.
  • Combine with Swift Strike to dive heroes after Deflect ends.

Charge Your Ultimate Fast

  • Build Dragonblade quickly by throwing shurikens at tanks from safe distances.
  • Dash through multiple enemies to farm ultimate charge.
  • Coordinate your Dragonblades with allied Nano Boosts, Graviton Surges etc.

Use Dragonblade Effectively

  • Prioritize vulnerable targets first – supports and damaged heroes.
  • Dash+Melee+Dash to instantly eliminate 200 HP heroes.
  • Stay unpredictable – climb, double jump and strafe while blading.
  • Have escape routes planned and don’t overcommit.

Strong Team Synergies

Genji thrives when enabled by allies who can ensure his survival or boost his killing potential.

  • Ana – Nanoboost makes Genji nearly unstoppable during Dragonblade.
  • Zarya – Graviton combos perfectly with Genji’s Blade to wipe teams.
  • Mercy – Damage boost and Guardian Angel lets Mercy enable Genji’s flanks.
  • Lucio – Speed Boost helps Genji chase down key targets.

Map Positioning and Gameplay Tips

  • Attack: Flank left or right routes to ambush the backline once your team engages from the front.
  • Defense: Play around the flanks the attackers will use and punish overextensions.
  • Control: Use vertical mobility to attack from unexpected high ground positions.
  • Attack healers first, then low mobility DPS, then tanks. Prioritize vulnerable heroes.
  • Play patiently and farm Blade before committing – don’t take 1v1s if avoidable.
  • Stay near cover and have an escape route planned so you don’t get caught alone.

Key Hero Matchups

Good Matchups

  • Supports: Easy targets to assassinate. Bait out defensive cooldowns first.
  • Ashe, Widowmaker: Low mobility, aim reliant heroes that you can easily dive.
  • Cassidy, Soldier 76: Outplay their cooldowns with your superior mobility.

Bad Matchups

  • Winston: Can chase you indefinitely while blocking your shurikens. Avoid 1v1s.
  • Symmetra: Her beam goes through deflect and slows you down considerably.
  • Zarya: Bubbles block your damage and feed her energy to become more powerful.

Customizing Control and Sensitivity

Most Genji players use higher sensitivities for the improved mobility:

  • Sens: 800-1000 eDPI (in-game sens * mouse DPI). Adjust as required.
  • Primary Fire: Default or toggle instead of hold allows easier wall climbing.
  • Secondary Fire: Hold allows easier shuriken spreads up close.
  • Deflect/Swift Strike: Set to easy to reach keys for quick reactions.
  • Jump: Separate jump and secondary jump bindings.
  • Melee: Set melee to mouse thumb button for quick melee kills.

Final Tips for Mastering Genji

In conclusion, here are some final tips:

  • Practice combos and animation cancels in the training range.
  • Work on shuriken accuracy – go for headshots at longer ranges.
  • Know all maps thoroughly so you can exploit flank routes.
  • Recording VODs to review mistakes and decision making is invaluable.
  • Have patience, Genji is one of the highest skill cap heroes – be prepared to grind it out!

With some dedicated practice using these tips, you’ll be slicing up teams in no time. Genji takes dedication to fully master but rewards you greatly for the effort put in to learn him.