How to Play As The Killer Role in Dead by Daylight Survival Horror Game

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game where one player takes on the role of a vicious Killer and the other four players play as Survivors. As the Killer, your goal is to hunt, catch and sacrifice the Survivors by hanging them on meathooks found scattered around the game’s various maps. Playing as the Killer can be very rewarding but also challenging as you’re up against four players working together as a team. This guide will provide tips and strategies for effectively playing as the Killer role.

Choose a Killer That Fits Your Playstyle

There are currently over 30 Killers to choose from in Dead by Daylight, each with their own unique power, weapon, and playstyle[1]. It’s important to experiment with different Killers to find one that best matches your preferred strategy and gameplay.

Some Killers are stealthy and rely on sneak attacks like The Wraith and The Pig, while others are brute force tanks like The Trapper and The Hillbilly who overpower Survivors in direct confrontations. There are also ranged Killers like The Huntress, The Deathslinger, and The Trickster who attack from a distance. Figure out which playstyle suits you best.

Learn Your Killer’s Abilities and Perks

Each Killer has their own special abilities and 3 unique perks that can greatly influence matches[2]. Take the time to thoroughly read your Killer’s backstory and power description to understand how to effectively utilize them during trials.

For example, The Nurse can teleport short distances which helps her cut off Survivors and The Hag can lay deadly traps. Know your Killer’s strengths and weaknesses. Their 3 perks also provide useful buffs from exposing Survivor locations to inhibiting their healing abilities.

Equip Effective Perks

In addition to your Killer’s 3 unique perks, you can equip perks you’ve unlocked from other Killers to create effective builds[3]. Useful perks to consider include:

  • Barbecue & Chilli: Highlights auras of distant Survivors after hooking someone
  • Bitter Murmur: Reveals Survivor auras after generators are repaired
  • Save The Best For Last: Successful attacks builds token stacks for increased attack speed
  • Hex: Ruin: Passively regresses Survivors’ repair progress on generators

Having detection and tracking perks allows you to more easily hunt Survivors while attack buffs help in chases.

Patrol Generators and Survivor Spawns

At the start of trials, quickly check nearby generators and patrol those areas first[4]. Survivors always spawn the furthest from the Killer’s location so concentrate efforts on the edges of the map.

Listen closely for any repair noises and watch for moving crows that indicate Survivors disturbing them. Finding and pressuring Survivors early is key to success.

End Chases Quickly

When in chase with Survivors, use mindgames to end the pursuit as fast as possible[5]. This includes moonwalking to hide your red stain, faking pallet breaks, and doubling back unexpectedly. Avoid getting looped excessively around obstacles.

If needing to break a pallet, attack through it first to damage the Survivor before breaking it. And know when to break chase if it’s wasting too much time.

Apply Map Pressure

A common mistake is focusing on a single Survivor which allows generators to quickly get repaired[6]. After hooking someone, check nearby generators and damage them to trigger regression perks like Ruin.

Patrol gates and apply pressure across the map. This “gen defense” forces Survivors off generators and hinders their progress.

Utilize Stealth When Possible

While direct confrontations are sometimes unavoidable, stealthier Killers can capitalize on terrorizing Survivors while staying hidden[7]. Approaching silently from behind to grab or attack capitalizes on their fear.

Monitor generator auras to estimate Survivor locations. Hide behind walls, structures, or foliage to ambush them as they pass by. Stealth tactics prevent Survivors from easily juking attacks.

Gain Advantage With Add-Ons

Add-ons modify a Killer’s power and provide advantages during trials[8]. Common add-ons may slightly increase movement speed while ultra rare ones can allow insta-downs or disable flashlights.

Equip add-ons that complement your Killer’s ability and the perks you have slotted. For example, The Wraith benefits greatly from faster cloaking add-ons. Review them in the loadout screen.

Maximize Bloodpoint Gains

Earning Bloodpoints allows you to level up your Killer and unlock additional perks and add-ons[9]. Utilize your Killer’s power often such as teleporting as The Nurse or laying bear traps as The Trapper. This grants Deviousness points.

Hook different Survivors and spread out who you are chasing rather than tunneling only one person. Hitting a Survivor after pulling them off a generator earns Brutality points. Maximize points in all categories.

Remain Calm Under Pressure

Playing as Killer can be intensely nerve-racking when all 4 Survivors coordinate an intense assault against you. It may feel frustrating at times but avoid getting angry or discouraged[10]. Remain calm and focused using the techniques you’ve learned.

If you ever feel too overwhelmed, step away momentarily to clear your head before continuing. Having a resilient mindset leads to making better decisions during stressful situations.

Analyze Your Matches

Watching gameplay recordings of your matches allows you to critically review mistakes, missed opportunities, and repeat situations you struggle with[11]. Keep a journal with timestamped notes on which areas need improvement.

Observe if you are committing certain errors frequently like overcommitting to chases. Pinpoint weaknesses in your gameplay to actively work on correcting through conscious practice in subsequent trials.

Learn From Experienced Killers

In addition to analyzing your own matches, study gameplay commentary from veteran Dead by Daylight Killers[12]. Look for videos explaining high-level mindgames, efficient gen defense tactics, recommended builds, and general tips.

Observe their decision-making process and how they counter common Survivor techniques. Take notes on their strategies to integrate into your own gameplay. Cross-reference with your journal to tackle specific issues.

Playing as the Killer in Dead by Daylight provides a uniquely tense and exciting role to master. Use the tips provided in this guide to effectively hunt Survivors across a variety of deadly trials. With practice, you will gain the skills and game sense to ruthlessly sacrifice anyone that dares cross your path. Just remember to have patience and continue learning during both successful matches and difficult losses. Now get out there and make The Entity proud!