How to Post Videos to Instagram From Your Computer

Posting videos to Instagram is a great way to showcase your brand and content. With video posts receiving higher engagement rates than images, it’s important to leverage this format. While Instagram’s mobile app makes it easy to upload videos on-the-go, you may prefer to upload from your computer.

Fortunately, there are several methods to post videos to Instagram directly from your desktop or laptop. This guide will walk through the various options, best practices, and tips for success.

Methods to Post Instagram Videos from a Computer

Here are the main ways to upload Instagram videos from a Windows PC or Mac:

1. Use the Instagram Website

Instagram’s website at allows you to upload videos just like the mobile app. Simply log in, click the + icon, and select a video file from your computer. You can then edit, caption, tag people, and share the video to your Instagram feed.


  • Simple and easy process
  • Supports video posts up to 60 minutes


  • Unable to upload Stories, Reels or IGTV videos
  • Limited editing capabilities

2. Use a Third-Party Instagram Management Tool

Dedicated social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer enable uploading videos from a desktop app. They also provide helpful features like scheduling, analytics, inbox management and more.


  • Upload all video formats
  • Additional features beyond just uploading


  • Typically paid subscriptions
  • Learning curve to use full features

3. Use the Instagram Creator Studio

Creator Studio allows those with Instagram business or creator accounts to manage multiple pages and profiles from a desktop. You can upload videos, create posts and stories, and schedule content.


  • Made specifically for larger business accounts
  • Provides analytics and insights


  • Requires switching to a business profile
  • Primarily made for larger accounts

Best Practices for Posting Instagram Videos

When uploading Instagram videos from your computer, keep these best practices in mind:

Optimize Video Specifications

Format your videos properly before uploading:

  • File Type: .MP4
  • Resolution: At least 600×750 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square) or 16:9 (landscape)

Using the ideal specs prevents compression or formatting issues.

Spread Out Upload Times

Don’t upload all your video content at once. Space out uploads over days and weeks so viewers remain engaged.

Post at Peak Times

Analyze when your followers are most active on Instagram and aim to upload videos during those high-traffic periods.

Engage with Your Community

Always respond to comments and questions on your video posts. This builds relationships with viewers.

Use Features Strategically

Leverage options like captions, tags, locations and stickers to maximize reach and views for each video.

Tips for Easier Instagram Video Uploads

Here are some tips to simplify posting videos from a desktop:

  • Use an online video converter like OnlineConvert to optimize file size and formats before uploading. This prevents errors.
  • Have videos edited and exported before attempting to upload. Don’t edit videos within the Instagram interface.
  • Schedule uploads in advance using a social media management platform so you don’t have to manually post each video.
  • Analyze video performance to identify what types of content resonates best with your audience.

By following these best practices and tips, posting Instagram videos from a computer is easy and effective. Be sure to analyze metrics to continually improve engagement and views.

With strategic video content that aligns with your brand, you can grow your Instagram presence and connect with more potential customers.