How to Quickly Gain XP and Level Up Fast in Diablo 4 Game

Diablo 4 offers players an expansive open world full of enemies to defeat and loot to collect. Leveling up your character quickly allows you to take on greater challenges and progress to the end-game content. This guide provides tips and strategies for rapidly gaining XP and power-leveling any class in Diablo 4.

Complete Quests and Hunt Rare Monsters

  • Focus on completing main story quests and side quests marked with a diamond icon on your map. These award significantly more XP compared to random combat.
  • Rare elite and champion monsters award bonus XP and have a chance to drop better gear. Look for their icons on the map and make sure to defeat them.
  • Occasionally special events will spawn in the open world with lucrative XP rewards for participation. Keep an eye out for these timed events.

Optimize Your Build For Fast Kills

  • Respec your skills at the altar to prioritize damage-dealing abilities early on. This allows you to mow down enemies extremely quickly.
  • Equip gear and socket gems that provide bonuses to critical strike chance and damage output. The faster you can burn down enemies, the faster you will accumulate XP.
  • Use skills that hit multiple targets at once or apply damage-over-time effects. These allow you to tag more enemies per attack.

Run Nephalem Rifts and Elder Rifts

  • Nephalem Rifts are randomly generated dungeons teeming with enemies to slaughter. They award good XP and loot.
  • Elder Rifts provide highly condensed combat arenas with special shrines that power up your character. String together kill streaks to unlock greater rewards.
  • Upgrade your Rift keystones to increase difficulty and XP gains. Push to the highest difficulty you can efficiently handle.

Utilize the Crafting System

  • Crafting allows you to augment gear with special stats including +% XP bonus. Prioritize these affixes.
  • Upgrade rare items at the blacksmith for a chance at powerful legendary gear, sometimes with +% XP secondary attributes.
  • Use the jeweler to combine lower-level gems into higher tiers that award dramatically more XP per kill.

Group Up for Multiplayer

  • Playing co-operatively boosts XP across the board compared to solo play. Take advantage of this.
  • Designate roles in your party such as tank, damage-dealer, and support for rapid coordinated strikes.
  • Share waypoints to enable fast travel and stick close together to combine strengths. Separating leads to slower leveling.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Activate Nephalem Glory globes which award +% XP gain for a limited duration. Seek these out.
  • Complete challenges and seasonal events for special cosmetic rewards and account-wide XP boosts.
  • Gamble for gear at the vendor for a chance at useful leveling gear and gem upgrades.