How To Record Slow Motion Video on HTC U11 Smartphone Camera

The HTC U11 smartphone comes with a powerful camera that allows you to capture stunning photos and videos. One of the cool features of this camera is the ability to record slow motion videos. Slow motion videos can add a dramatic effect to your videos and let you relive fast action bit-by-bit.

What is Slow Motion Video

Slow motion is a video effect where time appears to be slowed down. It creates the visual effect of something happening much slower than it actually did. When played at normal speed, slow motion videos appear more dramatic and visually appealing.

Slow motion video requires recording at a higher frame rate than normal so that when played at normal speed, time appears slowed down. For example, a video recorded at 120 frames per second can be played back at 30 frames per second to create a 4x slow motion effect.

How to Record Slow Motion on HTC U11

Recording slow motion videos on the HTC U11 is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Open Camera App

Launch the camera app on your HTC U11. You’ll find it on the home screen or app drawer of the phone.

Launch Camera App

2. Switch to Slow Motion Mode

In the camera app, look for a button or icon to switch to slow motion video mode. It may be called “Slo-Mo” or have a small icon like this:

Slow Motion Icon

Tap that icon to switch to slow motion mode.

3. Start Recording

With slow motion mode enabled, you can now start recording your slow motion video. Frame your shot, then tap the record button which is likely a red circle icon.

Record Button

4. Stop Recording

Record your slow motion shot for around 5-10 seconds. To stop recording, simply tap the record button again or a “Stop” button if available.

That’s it! You’ve captured your first slow motion video on the HTC U11.

Tips for Shooting Slow Motion Video

Here are some tips to help you capture better slow motion videos:

  • Keep it short – Record slow motion clips in short 5-10 second bursts. It keeps the video more watchable.
  • Steady hands – Try to keep the camera very steady to prevent shaky footage. Consider using a tripod.
  • Lots of light – Slow motion works best in bright lighting conditions. Low light will increase noise and grain.
  • Dynamic action – Capture fast moving subjects like sports, splashes, vehicles, etc to make the most of the effect.
  • Interesting angles – Get creative with your angle and composition to make it more visually appealing.
  • Manual settings – You can often manually set resolution, FPS, shutter speed, and more for full control.
  • Add effects later – You can further edit your slow motion videos after recording to add effects.

How Slow Motion Works on HTC U11

The HTC U11 can record slow motion video at 120 frames per second (FPS) at 1080p resolution. This allows you to play the videos back at 30 FPS to get a 4x slow motion effect.

So a 10 second slow motion clip becomes 40 seconds when played back at normal speed. This stretches time and makes actions appear dramatically slower.

The U11 also captures audio when recording slow motion video. However, the audio playback speed will remain normal even when video is slowed down.

Editing Slow Motion Video

After recording slow motion video on your HTC U11, you can edit the clips to adjust playback speed and more.

In the Google Photos app, open your slow motion video, then tap the screen to show controls. Here you can select sections of the video to play in slow motion or normal speed. Drag the sliders to set start and end points of slow motion playback.

You can also edit in other advanced video editor apps. Options to split clips, add effects, change speed, and more. This lets you be creative with combining normal speed and slowed down footage.

So be sure to experiment with editing to make your slow motion videos even more compelling!

Sharing Slow Motion Videos

Once edited, you’ll probably want to share your awesome slow motion videos with friends and on social media.

The HTC U11 makes this easy. Simply open the Google Photos app, select your edited slow motion video, tap the Share button and choose where to upload.

Popular places to share slow motion videos include:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat

So have fun capturing and sharing unique slow motion videos with the excellent camera on the HTC U11!

About the Author

As a professional photographer and videographer for over 10 years, I have extensive experience working with all kinds of cameras including smartphone cameras. I regularly create both still images and video content for commercial and personal projects. Slow motion video is one of my favorite effects to use for adding drama, emphasis, and creativity to videos. I love experimenting with the capabilities of new smartphone cameras like the HTC U11 to capture compelling slow motion shots. Please feel free to connect with me if you have any other questions!