How to Remotely Wake Up Sleeping Computers Using Splashtop Software

Splashtop is a popular remote access software that allows you to access computers remotely. One useful feature is the ability to remotely wake up sleeping computers on your network. This allows you to access computers even when they are powered off or in sleep mode.

What is Remote Wake Up

Remote wake up, also known as Wake-on-LAN (WoL), is a technology that allows you to turn on a computer remotely by sending a special network packet. This works by using a network signal to wake up the computer from sleep or hibernation mode.

The remote wake feature in Splashtop utilizes WoL technology to wake up sleeping computers. It works by sending a wake signal from an online Splashtop Streamer to the sleeping target computer[1]. As long as one device is awake on the network, Splashtop can use it to wake other offline devices.

Requirements for Remote Wake Up

To use Splashtop’s remote wake up feature, you need:

  • The target computer must have Wake-on-LAN enabled in the BIOS[2]
  • The target computer must be connected to the network via Ethernet
  • The target computer must have the Splashtop Streamer installed and configured
  • At least one other device on the network must have the Streamer running to send the wake signal

The feature works for both Windows and Mac computers. You can wake Windows devices from off, sleep or hibernation mode. For Macs, it works for computers in sleep mode[1].

How to Set Up Remote Wake Up

Follow these steps to set up Splashtop’s remote wake capability:

1. Enable Wake-on-LAN on the Target Device

First, you need to make sure WoL is enabled on the computer’s BIOS. The steps vary between computer manufacturers, but typically include:

  • Accessing the BIOS settings on bootup
  • Navigating to the power or hardware settings
  • Enabling the “Wake-on-LAN” or similar setting

You also need to configure WoL in the computer’s OS settings[2].

2. Install Splashtop Streamer

Install and set up the Splashtop Streamer on computers you want to access remotely. Ensure the Streamer is configured properly and running on the target device.

3. Connect Devices to Network

Confirm the target computer and at least one always-on computer are connected to the same local network via Ethernet.

4. Initiate Remote Wake Signal

To wake up the sleeping computer, open the Splashtop app on an online device and select the offline target machine. Choose “Wake up this Computer” to send the wake signal[9].

Within seconds, the target machine will power on and be ready for remote access.

Using Remote Wake Up

Once set up, remotely waking up sleeping devices is simple:

  • Keep one device on the network awake and running the Splashtop Streamer – This will be used to send the wake signal
  • Open the Splashtop app on an internet-connected device – Like a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Select the offline target computer
  • Choose “Wake up this Computer”
  • The target device will turn on in a few seconds – Allow sufficient boot time before attempting to connect
  • Connect to the target machine with Splashtop – You can now access the remotely awakened computer

Tips for Using Remote Wake Up

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Splashtop’s remote wake feature:

  • Use a Raspberry Pi or other low-power device as your always-on Streamer for sending wake signals
  • Confirm your routers and switches won’t go to sleep and disable the network path
  • Set the BIOS and OS to allow waking from keyboard/mouse input
  • Use schedules and alerts to wake computers only when needed
  • Test first within your local network before expanding access


The ability to remotely wake up sleeping devices makes Splashtop extremely convenient. After a simple setup process, you can easily wake computers on demand to enable remote access. This allows you to access devices at any time whether they are powered off, asleep, or hibernating.

With the wake-on-LAN feature and Splashtop’s secure remote connectivity, you need not worry about the power state of computers. You can conveniently and securely connect to all devices on your business or home network from anywhere.


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