How To Resize Text Size in Snapchat App

Snapchat has recently introduced the ability to resize text in chat messages, allowing users more flexibility and customization. Whether you want larger text that’s easier to read or smaller text to fit more on your screen, resizing the text size on Snapchat is a useful feature to make your chatting experience better suited to your needs.

As someone who uses Snapchat daily to keep in touch with friends and family, I was excited to try out this new capability as soon as it rolled out in a recent app update. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to resize text size in the Snapchat app on both iOS and Android devices.

Resizing Text Size on iPhone

Resizing the text size on Snapchat for iPhone is very simple:

  1. Open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your screen
  2. Long press on the Text Size control to open text size options
  3. Select Snapchat Only at the bottom to apply text size changes specifically to Snapchat
  4. Adjust the text size slider as desired
  5. Open Snapchat and start chatting to see your new text size

The text size adjustment is applied instantly when you open chats in Snapchat. You’ll notice the change right away without having to take any additional steps.

Pro Tip: Add the Text Size control to your iPhone’s Control Center for quicker access to resize Snapchat text by:

  1. Going to Settings > Control Center
  2. Tapping the + icon next to Text Size

Resizing Text Size on Android

The process works a bit differently on Android since text size changes apply system-wide rather than per app. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Android device’s Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Choose Font Size and Style
  4. Adjust the font size using the slider
  5. Launch Snapchat to see the updated text size in chats

Keep in mind that changing the font size from an Android device’s settings will affect text across all apps, not just Snapchat. Make sure you’re comfortable with the new font size before applying it.

Customizing Other Chat Display Settings

In addition to text size, Snapchat also allows you to customize other display settings for your chats:

  • Chat Wallpaper: Choose from a selection of colorful gradients and patterns to personalize the background of your chat screens
  • Chat Themes: Select a chat theme to change the overall look and feel of your chats
  • Dark Mode: Enable a darker color scheme for chatting at night or in low light environments

To access these chat settings, open a chat in Snapchat and tap the contact’s name at the top of the screen. Then tap through the different options to customize your chat’s display to your liking.

Why Text Size Was Changed Automatically

Some Snapchat users may have noticed their text size change unexpectedly at some point. This is because Snapchat now adapts chat text size based on your device’s system-level text size setting.

So if you adjust the system text size on your iPhone or Android device, Snapchat will detect this and update its text size accordingly. While this helps Snapchat integrate better across devices, it may have thrown some users off who weren’t expecting the sudden text size change.

Fortunately, as the steps above show, you can override Snapchat’s automatic text sizing and set your preferred text size manually. This gives you full control.

Tips for Optimizing Text Size

When choosing the right text size in Snapchat chats, keep these tips in mind:

  • Set the largest comfortable text size if you have visual impairments or poor eyesight
  • Use a smaller text size if you send very long messages to fit more text on one screen
  • Find the text size that minimizes eye strain if you chat extensively
  • Make text size large enough that you don’t have to zoom in on messages
  • Test different text sizes by chatting with a friend before settling on your ideal size

As with most features on Snapchat, experimenting is the best way to find text size settings you love. The ability to resize text means you get to customize exactly how you use Snapchat chats.


Being able to resize the text size directly within Snapchat is game-changing in terms of improving the chat experience and catering to different user preferences. Whether trying to fix unexpectedly resized text or simply wanting options to personalize chats, Snapchat’s text sizing capability delivers.

With just a few taps, you can make text bigger, smaller, or whatever size makes chatting most enjoyable for you. Pair it with customizing your chat wallpaper, theme, and other display settings for a truly tailored Snapchat setup.

As Snapchat continues evolving its features, I’m excited to see what other creative ways there will be to customize my conversations. For now, the new text resizing feature brings my chats in line with how I love to use Snapchat.

About the Author

As a social media strategist and avid Snapchat user for 5+ years, I keep a close eye on new features and updates from leading apps to identify meaningful additions that improve the user experience. With expertise in UI/UX design and a passion for social trends, I provide practical guidance to help you take advantage of emerging capabilities on your favorite platforms.