How To Resolve Flashing White Light Issues on Your Eero WiFi Router

Having issues with your Eero WiFi router flashing a white light? This comprehensive guide will walk you through potential causes and solutions to resolve this common problem.

What a Flashing White Light on Eero Means

  • A solid white light indicates the Eero is connected and working properly[1].
  • A blinking white light can signal:
    • The Eero is booting up and connecting to the internet[2][3]. This is normal during setup.
    • There’s an issue connecting to the internet or with the Eero software[1][3].
    • The Eero has disconnected from the app[4].

Troubleshooting a Flashing White Light on Eero

If your Eero has a blinking white light, try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your modem and router have solid connections. Examine cables for any damage and reconnect them firmly if needed[5][6]. Also check for any internet outages with your ISP.

2. Wait Patiently

The blinking light when first setting up an Eero is normal. Give it 5-10 minutes to finish booting up and connecting[3][7].

3. Check Other Connected Eero Devices

If you have multiple Eeros, check if the others have solid white lights. If so, try moving the blinking Eero closer to a working one[8].

4. Restart Your Eero Devices

Power cycle your Eeros by unplugging them from power for 30 seconds before reconnecting[6][9]. Also restart your modem/router.

5. Check for Eero App Updates

Open the Eero app and go to Settings > Software Updates to install any available updates[10]. Updates can resolve connectivity issues.

6. Verify Your Network Configuration

Make sure firewall settings or connected devices aren’t blocking the Eero. Check network settings in the Eero app as well[5].

7. Contact Eero Support

If issues persist, contact Eero Support via phone, email, or chat for troubleshooting help[5][6]. Provide your Eero serial number and details.

8. Reset Your Eero

As a last resort, reset your Eero to factory default settings. This removes all custom network configurations so be sure to redo these after. There are two reset options:

  • Soft reset – Reset software and network settings but keeps Eero connected[6][9].
  • Hard reset – Fully resets to factory settings and disconnects Eero[4][6].

Preventing Eero White Light Issues

To help avoid flashing white light problems with your Eero WiFi system:

  • Keep Eero firmware updated for latest fixes[5][7]. Enable automatic updates.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and cooling. Don’t block vents.
  • Use a surge protector. Power fluctuations can disrupt connectivity.
  • Secure all cable connections firmly in place to prevent disconnections.

When to Contact Eero Support

Contact Eero customer support if you continue experiencing a flashing white light after trying the troubleshooting steps. Provide details on:

  • How long the issue has persisted
  • Internet connectivity checks
  • Steps attempted to resolve it

This will help Eero Support determine if your unit needs replacement.


A blinking white light on Eero can indicate normal connectivity processes or problems requiring fixes. Try the troubleshooting solutions outlined here first. For ongoing issues, resetting software settings/network configurations or factory resetting the Eero may be necessary. Preventative measures like ventilation and updates further help avoid problems. With the right approach, you can resolve frustrating flashing light problems and maintain optimal WiFi.