How to Change Display Language in Funimation Anime Streaming App

Funimation is one of the most popular anime streaming services, providing access to hundreds of subbed and dubbed anime series. With a large library of titles and new shows added regularly, it has become the go-to platform for anime fans.

Overview of Language Options in Funimation

When watching anime on Funimation, you have the choice between subtitles and dubs.

Subtitles display the audio in the original Japanese language with translated text at the bottom.

Dubs feature an English voice cast speaking over the original audio.

Funimation offers one of the largest collections of English dubbed anime. However, not all shows have dubs available. The language options vary between titles based on licensing restrictions.

In addition to English and Japanese, Funimation also provides Spanish and Portuguese subtitles and dubs for select series.

How to Change Language on the Funimation Website

Using the Funimation website allows you to easily switch language preferences while streaming. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Funimation website and log in to your account
  2. Search for the anime you want to watch
  3. Click on the episode and allow it to begin playing
  4. In the bottom right corner, click the Settings icon (shaped like a gear)
  5. Under Languages, choose your preferred language
  6. The video will reload with the updated language preference

These settings only apply to the specific episode you are watching. To make changes across your entire account:

  1. Go to the My Account section
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Under Video Settings, choose your default Language
  4. Click Save to confirm changes

Now all videos will automatically play in your selected language if available.

Changing Language on the Funimation Mobile App

The process is very similar when accessing Funimation on iOS or Android devices:

  1. Open the Funimation app on your phone or tablet
  2. Find the anime you want to watch and select an episode
  3. Tap the 3-dot menu in the top right corner while video plays
  4. Tap the Language icon (labeled with Japanese/English text)
  5. Choose your preferred Language from the list
  6. Video will reload with updated language

These steps alter the language for only the current episode. To configure your account-wide preferences:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the Funimation app
  2. Tap Preferences
  3. Select Default Language
  4. Choose your preferred language
  5. Return to the Shows tab to stream anime in selected language

Troubleshooting Problems with Language Settings

Sometimes users run into issues when attempting to change languages on Funimation. Here are solutions for some common problems:

  • Only seeing one language option: This typically means there is no alternate language available for the video. Double check by searching the show’s main page.
  • Changes not saving: Ensure you select “Save” on website or return completely to Shows tab in app after updating.
  • Language reverting mid-video: Poor connection leading to streaming interruptions can cause language to default. Retry with stronger WiFi or cellular data.
  • Missing languages across account: Overly restrictive parental control settings may limit available languages. Adjust restrictions accordingly.

In most cases, simply closing and reopening the selected video triggers Funimation to switch to the newly chosen language preference.

If problems persist, contacting Funimation Support directly can help to resolve even more difficult technical issues.

Tips for Changing Display Language in Funimation

  • Check if your preferred language is available by viewing the show’s main page or episode descriptions.
  • You can change the language on a episode-by-episode basis while streaming.
  • Configure a single default language to avoid updating settings each time.
  • On the website, be sure to save changes made to account preferences.
  • Free and premium accounts have access to all available languages.
  • Refreshing the video typically loads your newly selected language.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your software and apps to latest versions.

The Advantages of Funimation for Anime Fans

In summary, Funimation makes it simple to personalize your streaming experience:

  • Huge library with new additions every season
  • Japanese audio with subs for purists
  • Popular simulcast shows soon after airing
  • English dubs for accessibility
  • Spanish and Portuguese options
  • Uncut versions in original format
  • Convenient apps across devices
  • Download for offline viewing
  • Change languages seamlessly while streaming

With the ability to easily switch between Japanese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages, Funimation offers something for all anime audiences to enjoy.


The Funimation platform provides anime fans with an exceptional range of series to choose from. The streaming service makes it easy to customize your language preferences across devices, allowing you to stream shows tailored to your viewing needs.

So grab your preferred device, update your language settings, and start streaming some amazing anime on Funimation today!