How to Restrict and Block Fortnite Game on Nintendo Switch Consoles

Fortnite is an immensely popular online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Epic Games. With over 350 million registered players worldwide, Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2017.

However, the game does contain violence and mature content that may not be suitable for young children. As a parent, you may be concerned about the amount of time your kids spend playing Fortnite or the inappropriate content they could be exposed to.

Luckily, Nintendo Switch offers robust parental controls that allow you to set restrictions on Fortnite gameplay. You can limit playtime, block mature language filters, disable voice chat, and more.

Enabling Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch

The first step is to enable parental controls on your Nintendo Switch console. Here’s a quick guide:

On the Nintendo Switch Console

  1. Go to System Settings > Parental Controls
  2. Select Parental Controls Settings
  3. Choose to setup controls using This Console or using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app (recommended for more options)
  4. Select a 4-8 digit PIN and set a secret question in case you forget the PIN

Using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App

  1. Download the free app on your smartphone (iOS or Android)
  2. Open the app and sign-in with your Nintendo Account
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to sync your Nintendo Switch console
  4. Customize parental control settings from the app

Restricting Fortnite Gameplay

Once parental controls are enabled, you can set restrictions specifically for Fortnite.

Set Age Restrictions

  • On the Switch console or app, set the Restriction Level to Child or Pre-Teen to automatically block Teen (T) rated games like Fortnite
  • Alternatively, use Custom Settings to manually block games by rating

Limit Play Time

  • Set a daily or weekly time limit for gameplay
  • The console will display an alarm when the limit is reached
  • You can remotely suspend games from exceeding the playtime limit

Disable Voice Chat

  • Restrict Online Communication to disable Fortnite’s voice chat feature
  • This prevents your child from communicating with random players

Block In-Game Purchases

  • In-game purchases can be disabled by restricting spending on the Nintendo eShop through your Nintendo Account

Additional Parental Control Options

Here are some other parental control options you can customize:

  • Set device usage hours (no use after bedtime, etc.)
  • View detailed playtime tracking reports
  • Disable posting screenshots to social media
  • Restrict adding new friends or receiving friend requests

You can tailor restrictions based on your comfort level. The Nintendo Switch parental controls offer granular control to help parents manage Fortnite and other games.

Tips for Parents

Here are some additional tips when regulating Fortnite gameplay:

  • Discuss rules and restrictions with your child so expectations are clear
  • Set a good example by managing your own Fortnite gameplay habits
  • Learn about Fortnite so you can make informed decisions about restrictions
  • Start restrictions early instead of waiting until problems emerge
  • Revisit settings periodically as your child matures to adjust control appropriately

While Fortnite can be a fun way for kids to socialize online, parents need to provide oversight, especially for young gamers. Utilize Nintendo Switch parental controls as needed to help keep your child’s gaming habits healthy.


Fortnite’s rising popularity among youth comes with potential risks from inappropriate content and excessive screen time. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch console provides versatile parental controls to help parents manage Fortnite gameplay.

Restrictions like age ratings, playtime limits, communication disabling, and purchase blocking allow you to customize the Fortnite experience suited for your child. Combine these platform-level controls with open communication about gaming habits and rules to ensure a safe, balanced, and enjoyable time playing Fortnite.