How to Retrieve and Recover Deleted Text Messages

Accidentally deleting an important text message can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several methods you can try to retrieve recently deleted texts or recover permanently deleted messages on both Android and iPhone devices.

Methods to Retrieve Recently Deleted Text Messages

If you just deleted messages and want to quickly restore them, here are some options:

For iPhones

  • Check the Recently Deleted folder in the Messages app (iOS 16+ only). Go to Messages > Edit > Show Recently Deleted. Select the conversations you want and tap Recover.
  • Use iCloud or iTunes/Finder backups. Restore your iPhone from a backup made before you deleted the texts. This will retrieve all data from that backup.

For Androids

  • Check the trash bin in your Messages app. Apps like Samsung Messages and Google Messages store recently deleted texts for up to 30 days.
  • Restore from a Google Drive backup. Factory reset your device and choose to restore from backup during setup.

Apps to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages

If too much time has passed to retrieve deleted texts from backups or trash folders, try a dedicated data recovery app:

For iPhones

  • FoneLab – Scans your iPhone storage and extracts deleted SMS/iMessages. Has different scan modes for quick or deep searches.
  • PhoneRescue – Preview found messages before choosing which ones to recover. Also extracts WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other app messages.

For Androids

  • DroidKit – Recovers messages even without backups. Has both quick and deep scan modes to find maximum deleted texts.
  • Dr. Fone – User-friendly interface for Android message recovery. Good for beginners.

Tips to Prevent Losing Messages

To avoid needing message recovery in the future:

  • Back up regularly – Enable automatic cloud backups so you have restore points.
  • Archive, don’t delete – Important conversations can be archived instead of deleted.
  • Export conversations – Manually export conversations to storage as PDFs or other formats.

In Conclusion

Accidentally losing text messages is common but there are reliable methods of retrieval and recovery available. Check backup folders, use recovery apps, back up regularly, and archive vital conversations. With some effort, you can likely get back that deleted text that you need.