How to Seamlessly Change The Game Activity Displayed in Discord

Discord is a popular communication platform, especially among gamers. One of its standout features is the ability to display the game you’re currently playing as your status. However, you may want more control over what game shows in your status rather than having Discord automatically detect it. Here’s how to seamlessly change the game activity displayed in Discord.

Enable/Disable Game Activity Status

By default, Discord shows the game you’re playing based on the executable running on your device. To toggle this on/off:

  1. Click the settings cogwheel next to your username
  2. Go to “Activity Status”
  3. Toggle “Display current activity as status message” on/off[1]

With this setting disabled, Discord won’t display any game status for you.

Manually Add Games

If Discord isn’t detecting a game you want to show, you can manually add it:

  1. In “Activity Status”, click “Add it!”
  2. Select the game’s executable file
  3. Discord will now display this as your status when launched

You can also add non-game applications this way if you want to display a custom status.

Set a Custom Status

To set a fully custom textual status:

  1. Click your profile picture
  2. Choose “Set a custom status”
  3. Enter your custom status text
  4. Set duration and emoji if desired

This status will override any automatically detected game statuses.

Remove Displayed Games

To stop showing a particular game status that Discord has detected:

  1. In “Activity Status”, hover over the game
  2. Click the red X icon to remove it[1]

Discord will no longer display this status when you have that game running.

Per-Server Settings

You can configure game activity and status settings differently for individual servers:

  1. Open server settings
  2. Go to “Privacy Settings”
  3. Toggle “Display current activities” on/off

With this setting disabled for a server, your custom statuses and activity won’t be visible to members of that server.

Appear Offline

Setting your Discord status to “invisible” will prevent your game activity from being displayed to anyone. Use this when you want to appear offline while gaming.


Discord gives you full control over what game statuses are shown for your account. By toggling settings, adding custom games, and setting individual server privacy preferences, you can seamlessly change what activity is displayed without your friends even noticing. This allows you to represent whatever game or status you want in Discord while gaming.