How to See How Many Subs a Streamer Has

There are a few different methods you can use to check how many subscribers a Twitch streamer currently has:

Use Third-Party Websites

  1. TwitchTracker – This site tracks detailed Twitch subscriber statistics and counts for streamers. You can search for any streamer and see their current subscriber count broken down by subscription tier.
  2. Streams Charts – Another site that tracks detailed Twitch subscriber stats including total sub count, average earnings, new subs, etc.

Check the Streamer’s Twitch Page

Some streamers display their sub count publicly on their Twitch channel. To check:

  1. Go to the streamer’s Twitch channel
  2. Look around their video player, panels, or “About” section for a sub count widget

However, displaying sub counts publicly is entirely optional for streamers.

Estimate Based on Sub Emotes

You can get a rough estimate of a channel’s sub count based on their amount of subscriber emote slots unlocked:

  • 1-49 subs = 2 emote slots
  • 50-149 subs = 3 emote slots
  • 150-499 subs = 6 emote slots

So if a streamer has 6 emote slots, you know they have between 150-499 subscribers. This isn’t an exact count but can give you a ballpark estimate.

Ask the Streamer Directly

You can also try asking the streamer directly either in their chat or via DM about their current sub count. Some streamers are open about sharing their stats.

So in summary, third-party stat tracking sites, checking the streamer’s channel, estimating based on emotes, or asking directly are some of the main ways to find a Twitch streamer’s subscriber count.