How To Sell and List Items on OfferUp Secondhand Buying/Selling App

OfferUp is a popular peer-to-peer marketplace app that allows users to easily buy and sell items locally. With over 56 million yearly users, it’s one of the largest mobile marketplaces in the U.S.

Listing and selling items on OfferUp is quick and simple from your mobile device. As an experienced OfferUp seller, I’m sharing my best tips on how to effectively use the app to sell your items.

Getting Started on OfferUp

To get started, download the OfferUp app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After installing, create an account using your email or Facebook login.

Once your account is set up, tap the “Post” button to list your first item for sale.

Creating Effective Listings

Creating great listings is key to selling your items quickly on OfferUp. Here are some tips:

Use Good Photos

Quality photos are extremely important. Thoroughly clean the item, stage it nicely, and take well-lit photos from multiple angles. Poor photos can turn off potential buyers.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Include all relevant details about the item’s specs, dimensions, damage/wear, and anything else a buyer may want to know. Be totally transparent to avoid issues later.

Price Items Competitively

Research similar items currently listed on OfferUp to competitively price yours. Items priced higher than comparable listings will be less likely to sell.

Categorize Correctly

Accurately categorizing items helps buyers find them easily. Double check you have the category and subcategories correct.

Interacting with Potential Buyers

Once your items are posted, be ready to communicate promptly and politely with interested buyers.

Respond Quickly

Set notifications so you don’t miss messages. Respond to questions and offers quickly, ideally within an hour during daytime.

Negotiate Respectfully

Most buyers will try to negotiate a lower price. Politely counteroffer rather than declining outright. Find common ground.

Vet Serious Buyers

Check out a potential buyer’s profile before meeting up. See how long they’ve been on OfferUp and read their reviews.

Choose Safe Meeting Spots

Always meet in a busy, public place like a coffee shop. Avoid meeting at night or in isolated areas. Prioritize safety.

OfferUp Selling Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips from my experience selling regularly on OfferUp:

List Daily

Post new listings every day vs. all at once. Frequent posts keep your items visible to more potential buyers.

Offer Bundles

Bundle related items to save on shipping costs and appeal to buyers furnishing an entire room.

Price Higher Initially

List items slightly above your minimum price to leave room for buyers to negotiate down.

Limit Free Listings

OfferUp allows 200 free listings per month. Paid listings don’t expire but cost $0.99-$3.99 each.

Enable Auto Accept

Turn on auto accept so you automatically accept the first full-price shipped offer received.

Cross-Promote Items

Also list items for local pickup on Craigslist. Link to your OfferUp listing in the description.

Be Patient

Popular items will sell fast but others may take weeks or months. Persistence pays off.

Getting Paid and Shipping Items

Once you make a sale, collect payment and ship the item (if applicable) promptly.

Accept Cash for Local Pickup

Request cash only for in-person transactions. Never accept checks or electronic payments.

Use OfferUp Shipping

For serious remote buyers, use OfferUp’s prepaid shipping label option. Print the label and mail within 5 days.

Pack Items Securely

Use plenty of bubble wrap and packing material inside a sturdy box. This avoids damage complaints.

Ensuring a 5-Star Seller Rating

As an OfferUp seller, your profile has a visible star rating, number of sales, and buyer reviews.

Stand by Your Descriptions

Never misrepresent items. Disclose all damage and defects so buyers know exactly what they’re getting.

Ship Fast, Communicate Often

Ship items quickly after purchase and proactively communicate expected delivery date and tracking number.

Address Issues Immediately

If a problem comes up, communicate politely with the buyer to resolve it. Offer returns/refunds if reasonable.

Ask Buyers for Reviews

Politely ask happy buyers to leave you a positive review after the sale. This helps build up your seller profile.

By following these tips and best practices, you can effectively sell your used items locally on OfferUp. List frequently, create compelling listings, communicate professionally, ship promptly, and provide 5-star customer service. This will help you earn more money and establish yourself as a top-rated seller within the community.

Happy selling!