How to Send and Transfer PDF Files to Your Kindle E-Reader

The Amazon Kindle e-reader is a popular device for reading ebooks. Many Kindle users also want to view PDF files on their device. There are a few easy ways to get PDFs onto your Kindle.

Find Your Kindle Email Address

Every Kindle has a unique email address associated with it. You can send documents like PDFs to this email address and Amazon will automatically deliver them to your Kindle.

To find your Send-to-Kindle email address:

  • Go to and log into your Amazon account
  • Go to Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices
  • Click on the Preferences tab
  • Under Personal Document Settings, you will see your Send-to-Kindle email address

Make sure to add this email address to your contacts or bookmark it so you can easily send PDFs in the future.

Email PDFs to Your Kindle

Emailing PDFs directly is the easiest way to transfer them to your Kindle:

  • Attach the PDF to an email
  • Send the email to your unique Kindle address
  • Amazon will convert the PDF and deliver it wirelessly to your Kindle

Tips for emailing to Kindle:

  • Put “convert” in the subject line and the PDF will be formatted for Kindle
  • Each PDF can be up to 50MB
  • You can include up to 25 attachments per email

It may take a few minutes for the converted file to be delivered to your device. Make sure your Kindle’s WiFi is turned on.

Transfer PDFs Via USB

You can also transfer PDFs by connecting your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable.

To transfer PDFs via USB:

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer using the supplied USB cable
  2. On your computer, navigate to the Kindle drive
  3. Open the documents folder
  4. Drag and drop your PDF files into this folder
  5. Eject the Kindle drive and disconnect from your computer

The PDFs will now appear in your Kindle library ready for reading! This method works for large PDF files that exceed the 50MB email limit.

Use the Send to Kindle App

Amazon provides Send to Kindle apps for Windows and Mac that allow you to easily send documents from your computer to your Kindle.

The Send to Kindle app lets you:

  • Drag and drop PDFs to send them
  • Send documents up to 50MB
  • Send multiple files types including PDF, Word, HTML, RTF

Download the free Send to Kindle app from Amazon and install it on your computer. Then you can quickly send PDFs without having to attach them to an email.

Use a PDF to Kindle Converter

There are also various third-party websites and apps that will convert PDFs to the Kindle format. This can optimize the formatting to improve the reading experience.

Some popular PDF to Kindle converters include:

  • Calibre ebook management app
  • web-based conversion
  • free online file converter

These tools convert PDFs to the Kindle MOBI/AZW format. You then need to transfer the converted file to your device using one of the previous methods.

Tips for Reading PDFs on Kindle

Here are some useful tips:

  • Use the experimental web browser to download PDFs directly
  • Try both portrait and landscape mode
  • Adjust font size and line spacing to improve readability
  • Zoom in on tables or images by tapping on them
  • Some complex PDFs may not convert perfectly

While the Kindle excels at displaying text-heavy ebooks, PDFs with images, tables, columns can be harder to read. But with some adjustments, you can have a good experience.


  • Find your unique Send-to-Kindle email address in your Amazon account
  • Email PDF attachments to your Kindle address and Amazon will convert and deliver them
  • Transfer PDFs by USB cable using your computer as an intermediary
  • Use the official Send to Kindle app to quickly send documents without email
  • Employ PDF to Kindle converters to optimize formatting

With these simple methods, you can get all your PDF files onto your Kindle for convenient access anywhere. Then adjust settings like font size and orientation to improve the reading experience.