How to Separate Fused Items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Game

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new mechanic called “Fuse” that allows players to combine weapons, shields, and other items together. This opens up creative new gameplay opportunities, but also poses a risk – once items are fused, they can be difficult to separate. Thankfully, there are methods to unfuse items without destroying valuable resources.

An Introduction to Fusing Items

Fusing is unlocked early in the game after completing the In-isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island. After obtaining the Fuse ability, players can hold the L button and select the Fuse option from the radial menu. This allows Link to combine the equipped weapon or shield with items lying on the ground or from his inventory.

Almost any items can be fused together, like:

  • Weapons with monster parts or gems to increase power
  • Rocks or boulders onto weapons to create mining hammers
  • Mushrooms onto shields to gain special effects
  • Arrows with materials to cause elemental damage

The results from fusing items can be powerful or just plain silly. However, once two items are fused, they act as a single item. Fused weapons cannot be fused again. This permanence can cause problems if rare items are used.

Destroying the Fused Material

The easiest way to unfuse an item is by destroying the fused material. This reverts the base item like the weapon or shield to its original state. Unfortunately, this also destroys the second item that was fused.

To unfuse by destroying:

  1. Open the inventory with the + button
  2. Select either the Weapons or Shields tab
  3. Choose the fused item and select “Destroy Fused Material”

This is a quick method to undo fusing, but the fused component will be lost. Valuable materials like diamonds, star fragments, and rare monster parts will disappear. Players seeking to preserve these items should use the next unfusing method.

Unfusing with Pelison

An NPC named Pelison who resides in Tarrey Town offers an unfusing service that preserves both items from a fusion. Instead of destruction, Pelison professionally separates the items.

To have Pelison unfuse a weapon or shield:

  1. Travel to Tarrey Town in western Hyrule
  2. Speak with Pelison located in the town square
  3. Select the fused item to unfuse when prompted
  4. Pay the 20 Rupee service fee
  5. Collect the unfused items from the ground

With Pelison’s assistance, players can unfuse items without worry. This does require traveling to Tarrey Town which may be inconvenient. It’s available as soon as Tarrey Town is accessible, so consider getting fused gear unfused by Pelison before rare resources are wasted through destruction.

Tips for Managing Fused Items

  • Fuse common items first to test weapons before using rare materials
  • Mark fused items as favorites so they aren’t accidentally sold
  • Use one save file for testing fusions, and another for general gameplay
  • Unfuse valuables like diamonds, star fragments, and rare monster parts
  • Carry plenty of rupees to pay Pelison’s unfusing service fee

The Fuse ability gives players incredible freedom to experiment in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Just take care with rare ingredients, and don’t hesitate to call on Pelison for help separating your fused inventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unfuse weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

There are two methods:

  1. Destroy the fused material from the inventory menu. This destroys the second item.
  2. Pay Pelison in Tarrey Town 20 rupees to professionally unfuse the items without destruction.

Does unfusing a weapon destroy it in Tears of the Kingdom?

Unfusing by destroying the fused material does NOT destroy the base weapon or shield. Only the second attached item is destroyed. Using Pelison’s service preserves both items.

Can you unfuse Master Sword upgrades in TotK?

The Master Sword reverts back to its base form after some time when fused upgrades expire, so it does not need to be manually unfused. Upgrades last longer from fusing with rare materials.

Is it worth unfusing weapons in Zelda TOTK?

Yes, unfusing saves rare monster parts, gems, and other limited items for future use. Players should be careful not to fuse valuables onto weak weapons since unfusing destroys the add-on.

Where is the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom unfuse NPC located?

Pelison who can unfuse items while preserving both materials is located in Tarrey Town’s town square. Look for his yellow construction hat near metal flooring.