How To Set a Personalized Memoji Sticker as Your Apple ID Profile Picture

Setting a personalized Memoji sticker as your Apple ID profile picture is a great way to add some fun and personality to your online identity. With iOS 16 and later, you can choose from a wide variety of Memoji poses, expressions, and accessories to represent you across Apple services.

What is a Memoji?

A Memoji is an animated emoji that you can create to look just like you. It uses your device’s camera to track your facial movements and mirror them on your Memoji in real-time. You can customize your Memoji with various hairstyles, skin tones, facial features, makeup, piercings, eyewear, and headwear.

Memoji vs Memoji Stickers

There are two types of Memoji:

  • Animated Memoji: Uses your iPhone or iPad’s TrueDepth camera to animate your Memoji and mirror your facial expressions in real-time messaging and FaceTime. Requires an iPhone X or later.
  • Memoji Stickers: Static stickers of your Memoji expressing various emotions. Automatically generated for all customized Memoji. Can be used on devices without a TrueDepth camera.

Setting a Memoji Sticker as Your Apple ID Picture

Thanks to iOS 16, you can now set any Memoji sticker as your Apple ID profile picture, as long as your device supports Memoji stickers. Here’s how:

1. Create Your Memoji

Open the Messages app and tap the Memoji icon to customize your own personal Memoji. Make sure to customize it to match your actual appearance.

2. Generate Memoji Stickers

Once you finalize your Memoji with the “Done” button, Memoji stickers will automatically be generated for it. These stickers feature your Memoji posing with various facial expressions.

3. Access Apple ID Settings

Open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID banner at the top of the screen. Then tap “Edit” next to your current profile picture.

4. Select Memoji Sticker

In the profile picture editing screen, select the “Memoji” tab at the bottom. Then tap one of your customized Memoji stickers to set it as your Apple ID picture.

And you’re done! Your selected Memoji sticker is now visible as your profile picture across Apple services like iCloud, the App Store, Apple Music, and more.

Customizing Your Memoji

The great thing about Memoji is that you can customize them however you like, even after creating one. You can edit an existing Memoji or make a brand new one at any time.

Here are some tips for customizing a fantastic Memoji that actually resembles you:

Focus on Distinctive Features

Pay extra attention to customizing your Memoji’s most distinctive facial features – for example, if you have a prominent nose, make sure your Memoji’s nose matches.

Use Accessories

Accessorize your Memoji with piercings, makeup, facial hair, eyewear, and headwear to match your actual style. The accessories can make your Memoji feel much more realistic.

Check All Angles

Rotate your Memoji’s face to view it from different angles as you customize it. Tweak any details that look off.

Use Mirroring

Have a mirror handy or take a selfie while customizing your Memoji. Continuously compare your real face with your Memoji to catch inaccuracies.

Add Some Style

Get creative with colors and highlights for your Memoji’s hair, facial hair, makeup and accessories. Make it reflect your own style.

Using Memoji Stickers

Once you finalize your customized Memoji, you can start using your automatically generated Memoji stickers in all kinds of great ways:

Messaging Apps

Use Memoji stickers to spice up your conversations in Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more.

Social Media

Add some fun to your Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, Tweets and more by adding a personalized Memoji sticker.

Email Signatures

Include a Memoji sticker of your smiling face in your email signature to add an approachable, human touch.

So go ahead – make those Memoji stickers your own and flaunt them everywhere! Whether it’s your Apple ID or social media, a personalized Memoji sticker is a fantastic signature representation of you.