How To Swap and Reverse Order of Two Rows in Google Sheets Spreadsheets

There are a few easy methods to swap two rows in Google Sheets:

1. Drag and Drop

  • Click on the row number to select the entire row.
  • Hold down the mouse button and drag the row to the new position. The other rows will automatically move to accommodate the row you are moving.

2. Copy and Paste

  • Select the entire first row you want to swap (click the row number)
  • Right click and choose “Copy”
  • Select the entire second row and choose “Cut”
  • Select the first row again and choose “Paste” to overwrite it
  • Select the second row again and choose “Paste” to overwrite it

This effectively swaps the two rows.

3. Insert Copied Row

You can also:

  • Copy the first row
  • Insert a new row where you want the first row to end up
  • Paste the copied row into the inserted blank row
  • Cut the second row
  • Insert a row where the second row originally was
  • Paste the cut row into the newly inserted blank row

How to Reverse Order of Rows in Google Sheets

There are a few easy ways to reverse the order of rows in Google Sheets:

1. Sort Range

  • Select the rows you want to reverse
  • Go to Data > Sort range
  • Sort by the first column A-Z → Z-A

2. Helper Column

  • Insert a helper column at the start
  • Number each row sequentially in the helper column
  • Select all columns including helper column
  • Go to Data > Sort range
  • Sort by the helper column Z→A

3. Use a Formula

  • Use =INDEX(data_range, ROWS(data_range)-ROW(cell)+1)
  • This will reverse the order without affecting formatting or data

So in summary, you can easily swap rows by dragging and dropping or copy/pasting, and reverse row order using built-in sort, a helper column, or the INDEX formula.