How to Synchronize and Watch Netflix Together Simultaneously on Zoom Calls

Watching movies or TV shows together with friends and family is a fun way to bond and stay connected. Thanks to video calling apps like Zoom, you can now synchronize Netflix playback and watch content simultaneously while on a video call.

Why Watch Netflix Together on Zoom

Here are some of the main benefits of using Zoom to watch Netflix together:

  • Stay connected from anywhere: No need to be in the same location, Zoom allows you to watch Netflix together from different cities, states, or even countries.
  • Simultaneous playback: Zoom’s screen sharing feature synchronizes the playback on everyone’s screen so you are literally watching the exact same scene at the same time.
  • Group chat: Zoom has an integrated group chat so you can react, discuss, and bond over the show or movie you are watching together.
  • It’s free: Zoom offers a free basic plan that supports screen sharing. As long as one person has a Netflix account, there are no extra fees to watch Netflix over Zoom.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to watch Netflix together on Zoom:

1. Install Zoom and Netflix Apps

Make sure everyone in your group has the latest version of the Zoom desktop app installed on their computer along with the Netflix app.

2. Start a Zoom Meeting

The host should start a Zoom meeting and send the meeting ID and password to the participants.

3. Share Netflix Screen

Once everyone joins, the host needs to share their screen and select the Netflix app window to share.

4. Enable Audio Sharing

Make sure the “Share Computer Sound” option is checked before sharing screen. This will let Zoom transmit the Netflix audio.

5. Sync Playback

Get everyone to login to their Netflix account on the shared screen. Browse and play a mutually agreed upon show/movie and hit pause. Then hit play simultaneously to sync the playback.

6. Group Chat

Use Zoom’s group chat feature on the side to share reactions and commentary as you watch the Netflix video together.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips when watching Netflix on Zoom:

  • Disable hardware acceleration in Zoom on all devices for better video quality with screen sharing
  • Extend meeting duration by scheduling meetings instead of instant meetings
  • One participant can also share their entire monitor if they have a dual monitor setup
  • Switch the presenter role from one person to another for better connectivity
  • Use headphones to avoid echo/feedback sounds


Zoom provides an easy and convenient way to replicate the experience of watching Netflix together in-person remotely over video call. With screen sharing and synchronized playback, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies together no matter where everyone is located geographically while still being able to see each other’s reactions and participate in group commentary. So gather your friends, family or colleagues on your next Zoom call and give this a try!