How to Tag Best Friends on Snapchat App

Snapchat’s “Best Friends” feature allows you to see the friends you interact with the most at the top of your chat and send-to lists. You can have up to 8 best friends at a time. Best Friends get special emojis next to their names, indicating your level of friendship. Here’s how to tag your Best Friends in Snaps and understand what the emojis mean.

What Are Snapchat Best Friends?

Your Best Friends on Snapchat are the 8 people you chat and snap with the most. Snapchat determines this automatically based on your interactions.

Best Friends appear at the top of your:

  • Chat screen
  • Send-to screen when sending a snap

Having Best Friends makes it easy to find your closest friends to chat or snap quickly.

The Best Friends list updates regularly as your interactions change over time. Someone new may enter the list if you start snapping them more frequently.

How to See Your Best Friends

To see your Best Friends list:

  1. Open the Chat screen by swiping left from the Camera screen or tapping the chat icon.
  2. Look at the top of the list – these contacts are your Best Friends.

You’ll also see your Best Friends at the top of the send-to list after taking a snap.

Only you can see your personal Best Friends list. Other people can see if they are in your Best Friends, but not the full list.

Best Friends Emojis

Snapchat shows special emojis next to Best Friends:

  • 😊 – They are one of your Best Friends
  • ❤️ – You have been #1 Best Friends for 2 weeks straight
  • 💕 – You have been #1 Best Friends for 2 months straight (Super BFF)
  • 💛 – You are their #1 Best Friend
  • 😬 – You share a #1 Best Friend
  • 😎 – Your #1 Best Friends are also Best Friends
  • 😏 – You are their Best Friend, but not vice versa

These help you see your status of closeness with Best Friends.

How to Tag Best Friends

When posting to your story, you can tag your Best Friends or any friends:

  1. Take your snap and enter the text mode
  2. Type @ followed by their username
  3. Select their tagged name from the list
  4. Customize the tag style and confirm it

This tags them in that snap in your story!

Benefits of tagging:

  • Alerts your friend that they are featured in your story
  • Lets viewers see their username and potentially follow them
  • Makes it easy to find snaps they are featured in

So if you have fun memories with friends, tag them to share the experience!

Tips for Best Friends

Here are some tips for improving your Best Friends:

Chat often: Have conversations to keep your friendship strong

Reply to snaps: Viewing snaps isn’t enough – reply to keep your score up

Snap creatively: Send engaging photo and video snaps to get their attention

Interact beyond snapping: Chat about interesting topics going on in your lives

Meet up in person: Hanging out IRL will likely make you better friends!

Understand the list changes: Don’t get offended if they drop off the list – it just means your interactions decreased recently compared to others. Just focus on connecting more.

Can You Make Someone a Best Friend?

Unfortunately, you cannot manually set someone as a Best Friend. The list relies fully on your snap interactions.

However, by intentionally snapping and chatting with someone more frequently, you can help them organically become a Best Friend over time.

Be careful not to go overboard though – friendships should form naturally! But focusing on someone more is fine and helps improve your communication.


Snapchat Best Friends represent your closest social circle on the platform. The special emojis help identify your friendship status clearly. Tagging Best Friends in creative story snaps and chatting helps solidify your bonds.

While manual Best Friend setting isn’t possible, you can influence the list with your usage habits overtime. Snapchat wants friendships to form organically based on true interactions.

So snap and chat with your true friends often to keep your friendships in top condition!

About the Author

John has over 5 years of experience using Snapchat personally and managing business profiles. He is an expert on Best Friends behaviors and has helped many people better understand their Snapchat relationships.

In addition to Snapchat, John provides consulting for all major social platforms to improve engagement and growth. He loves using social media creatively to nurture real friendships online and offline.